Le Shang E. When your child drives you crazy
  I was standing near the escalator and suddenly noticed a young mother who tried to force her daughter to stand on a moving stage. The child, who looked about…

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What you should be able to do the child in 3-4 months?
  What can the child? * child development, what can the child, the child's development 4 metatarsal mom ( or someone who was always caring ) and prefers it to…

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The Interior and decoration of the nursery


Upon arrival of a new little person, parents begin to think about the fact that after a short time the child will need a hotel room. Of course, this will occur when such a step will be finished both adults and the baby. And – the room in which he would spend most of the time child.

Choose the room for the baby

Choosing bathroom for a little Tomboy or Princess, be aware that the child in her room spends much more time than parents in his bedroom. Therefore, we consider it necessary to recommend to devote to children’s big room. Then there will be enough air and enough space to highlight certain areas – sleeping, learning and playing. It is worth noting that even in a small room it is always possible to identify such zones – it is enough even 9-10m.kV.

In addition, it is desirable that the child has got the brightest room in the apartment – will be the perfect location on the East or Southeast. Then the sun’s rays in the morning will be to look in the window and will surely facilitate the child process getting up early in kindergarten or school.

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How many hugs a day a baby needs? Unconditional love


How many times a day should be hug a child, he has grown into a successful and harmonious person? The importance of the manifestations of the love of parents towards the child and why the child needs it is the unconditional love.

Today is the international day of protection of children. Happy holiday, friends!

And on this day I would like to talk about our love for the children.

The importance and necessity of unconditional parental love

Many parents love their children and are willing at all. And yet, low self-esteem, lack of confidence in themselves and their capabilities, indecision, inferiority complex and other complexes, as well as constant failures as a result of all of this is laid in childhood, and most often by parents as a result of mistakes in parenting.

We all throughout life need support, understanding and love. Moreover, it is desirable that the love was unconditional, to be loved for who we are. It is a guarantee that the love is gone, together with the loss of beauty, youth, a certain level of income, etc.

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Childhood fears


According to research, every second child in a particular age experiencing fears. Most often it affects children from two to nine years. At this age the child already sees much and knows a lot, but not all understands, unbridled children’s imagination is not constrained by real world images. However, fears and other emotional disorders in this age, rather say some exaggeration of the norm in the development process than something abnormal.

For example, for a baby seven months OK to be afraid of unfamiliar adults. Real or perceived lack of mothers causes fear to all normally developing children of preschool age.

The range of children’s fears is limited only by the imagination of our kids, and she has no boundaries. Each individual fear and psychologists when dealing with children’s fears pay attention not only to their content, but rather on the cause, the number and severity of these fears. Almost any object or event from the external world may turn to the child in something frightening. For example, one six-year-old boy in a closet with toys lived 18 hairy trolls. In the evening they all came out of the closet and began to look for food. If the boy did not leave them candy or cookies, they were very angry and began to rustle. Continue reading