MOM, I'm SCARED! When your child drives you crazy
MOM, I'M SCARED! I was standing near the escalator and suddenly noticed a young mother who tried to force her daughter to stand on a moving stage. The child, who…

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Children should love their parents?
  «Children must love their parents. They'll only love their children» — write about it often. And you — do you agree? Children should love their parents? Here are a…

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What to do with the child during the summer?


Here’s the long-awaited summer vacation for our children and we are faced with the problem of what to do with them at such a serious time? Of course, the simplest solution of the matter will be sending children to summer camp, family trip to the coast or a cottage with her grandmother. And what about those who are forced to spend the summer in the city? Let’s think about how to diversify leisure of the child.

Sandbox . Walking need not only the child but also to ourselves. And in order to combine business with pleasure and allow yourself to read a book quietly, walking with a child, just take to the street with a bottle of water. Why? It’s very simple. First, the child sitting in the sandbox can pour water from the molds in the mold, adding the sand full of happiness. And when the water runs out, the sand in the sandbox will become wet and the child will be able to build houses, play in the middle of nowhere and molds. Stained – not terrible, can be washed, but the baby will be busy for some time.

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If the child does not hear You


One my client once complained: “I was bored parrot! I can have 15 times to speak to his son: turn off the TV, put the shoes in place, take a plate. He just does not respond until barks! And, in General, are there children who obey the first time?”

This boy van 7 years. I invited his mother to his guests. The child came in and the first thing turned on the TV – without the demand itself. I asked him: “Vanya, please turn off the TV” . He habitually did not respond. I approached him, took him by the hand, looked in the eye and said: “Vanya, TV” . Then he calmly turned it off and on during the remaining three hours, all my requests were fulfilled on the first try.

I showed my mom Vani that it’s not the child. It’s just that there are adults who won’t say it again.

Children must be taught to hear us and obey the first time. When mom says a lot for a child her voice becomes the background, and he really stops to hear.

Women, in principle, by its nature, is a lot of talk on the day we need to say from 5 to 10 thousand words! Can you imagine? But not necessarily the whole flow to be poured on the child. You can call her friends, mother, to leave a few words to her husband.

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