The age Difference - love and relationships
  We live in an age of public relations in the age of free love, in times where most of the marriages performed out of love. Every day we see…

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Children's fear
  And what are the fears caused by the aggression of the child? As you know, fear in children is a frequent phenomenon. But I didn't expect that my child…

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Children’s fear


And what are the fears caused by the aggression of the child?

As you know, fear in children is a frequent phenomenon. But I didn’t expect that my child will have so clearly expressed anger, aggression in relation to everything around him.

In the subconscious of children are imprinted repetitive, stirring, causing turbulent emotions, the actions, moods that surround it, especially the habits of the parents. Not only behavior, but also adults who have influence in the process of education, training, communication, eats into nature, creating a personality. So in my articles under the concepts of father, mother, one should bear in mind not necessarily blood relatives, and those adults who had an influence in my childhood. Which can be not only a stepfather, stepmother, grandfather, grandmother, and aunt, a teacher in an orphanage and etc.

Complexes that affect so much in my entire life, from childhood, are from the subconscious. Quarrels and conflicts, various aggressive manifestations, is actually not happen because of those little things that are supposedly the cause, but because of unconscious internal hostility that parents were able to sow in kids. Children are shown outside of the parent complexes, fears that they fit into the character of children. Parents have to face Continue reading

The Level of labor skills of preschool children


Neighbor kid himself brushing his teeth and cleaning their toys, and your child ’ s not? There is no reason to be upset! Each child is unique and each child’s age level of mastery of the different labour skill. Let’s meet the level of labor skills for children aged 2 to 4 years to represent, what are the requirements to show to the child of this age.

The level of labour skills for kids

2 years

You receive the catchphrase “I do!”. Her child expresses his / her desire for independence, which is manifested, primarily, in self-service. He washes, washes and wipes her hands, eats, completely flooring with thick liquid and food, learns to hold a spoon. Actively helping to dress or undress himself, though it requires a lot of effort. But not how to buttoning and tying shoelaces. With the help of an adult of the toys. Willingly performs the simple instructions: bring and take, put. Starts to take the initiative and desire to bring concrete benefits to people adults: trying to sweep, wipe the table, to carry the package. Happy, if he does it.

2.5 years

Independence baby continues developing intensively. Child eats neatly, doing without the bib. Knows the purpose of objects and is able significantly faster to operate them while eating, toilet, preparing Continue reading

The Interior and decoration of the nursery


Upon arrival of a new little person, parents begin to think about the fact that after a short time the child will need a hotel room. Of course, this will occur when such a step will be finished both adults and the baby. And – the room in which he would spend most of the time child.

Choose the room for the baby

Choosing bathroom for a little Tomboy or Princess, be aware that the child in her room spends much more time than parents in his bedroom. Therefore, we consider it necessary to recommend to devote to children’s big room. Then there will be enough air and enough space to highlight certain areas – sleeping, learning and playing. It is worth noting that even in a small room it is always possible to identify such zones – it is enough even 9-10m.kV.

In addition, it is desirable that the child has got the brightest room in the apartment – will be the perfect location on the East or Southeast. Then the sun’s rays in the morning will be to look in the window and will surely facilitate the child process getting up early in kindergarten or school.

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