Clubs for children in the summer - something to take the child in summer
  Throughout the school year, some parents are thinking about how to diversify leisure of his child, picking up interesting Hobbies, attending extra classes, cultural groups and sports clubs. But…

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Sick child and pregnancy: what to choose?
I'm not well-versed in all of these situations. My answer to the question to leave or not - definitely not! But only on the condition that not one person has…

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Gatchina toys Tsarevich Paul.

to See my son for the first time after birth Catherine had only six weeks when she took a cleansing prayer. Then the Empress is the second time I came to her room and ordered her Paul.

Portrait of Grand Prince

Pavel Petrovich in infancy

“I thought he was really good, writes Catherine, and view it somewhat amused me, but as soon as prayers were over, the Emperor at once ordered to be taken away, and she left.” The third time Paul showed the mother at her request only in the spring, on the occasion of the departure of the Grand-Ducal couple in Oranienbaum; to get to his bedroom, she had to go through all chambers of the Empress and found him in a terrible stuffiness. But smart, European-educated mother could not immediately suppress my natural concern for my son and from a distance, with sorrow, followed the direction that he gave his initial education of good-natured, but strictly adhering to old-fashioned Russian traditions Empress Elizabeth.

Pavel Petrovich as a landlord’s son, passed gradually into the hands of ignorant female servants, with fear cared only about how to protect and grooming Barsky child left without parental care and supervision: even before the christening Paul, had almost died from thrush.

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Summer Vacation: what to do with the child, and where to find a playmate.


Summer — time, excellent in many respects. The heat don’t need to put the piles of clothes before heading out. No children’s classes and, therefore, irrelevant logistics associated with the delivery. Like, everything is easier than in another season. But to say that no difficulty no, impossible. Today let’s talk about the children and try to understand exactly what a summer vacation is best like your child?

Than to occupy the child: lack of social experiences

In the country, at sea, in the village usually we deal with a lot of impressions associated with nature. And for the child, for its development are important, of course. Most children love to swim, sunbathe, sit on the grass, watching the sun or animals. Children growing up in the city, not enough of these simple events.

But it takes a week or two, and the mother begins to notice that the baby is not so immersed in all these lovely summer classes. He may become more cranky or demanding to ask them again, as in the city, constantly engaged and entertained him.

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Asya Wanakena, writer, blogger: I Love to play with myself and love to watch the children at play

A little background. Recently my eldest — Rose — was 6 years old. We invited the kids to visit and planned a small quest based on the “Legends of chima”. But alas, the day before the event revealed that the boy had contracted enterovirus. Rose upset — a holiday that he waited so long, had to cancel. I, as you know, upset that he was upset.

And just the day before my birthday I received the book the ASI Wanjinas “iceberg on the carpet, or what to play with the child?”. A collection of games ASI with her son Axes. Read and prosmatrivala (there are great pictures, very visual), and by the evening I already had a plan ready sea adventures of our family team. And what! With the battle fleet against the octopus, rescue animals from the ice, the Northern lights, building igloos out of snow(!) in the Northern seas and a happy arrival in South. In short, the holiday was saved, all the viruses out of spite.

Thumbing through “iceberg on the carpet”, I had mixed feelings of admiration and sadness. Admiration, because ideas games — awesome! Diverse, original, exciting. Read and wonder.

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