Playing who's your baby?
  Who prefers to play your child is with their peers, with adults, with children older or with kids? Of course, there are sociable children who are easy to contact…

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Le Shang E. When your child drives you crazy
  I was standing near the escalator and suddenly noticed a young mother who tried to force her daughter to stand on a moving stage. The child, who looked about…

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Fitball for infants – 9 best exercises


Active gymnastics from the cradle – is it possible? With fitball – Yes! Almost every modern mom has this simulator that performs several functions. This large gym ball helps to strengthen and develop the muscles of a baby, alleviates pain, reduces muscle hypertonicity, is a perfect prevention of colic, etc. so the use of exercises on the fitball for a newborn is huge!

The main thing – to observe the basic rules exercises on the fitball for babies . and to be very careful during exercise.

The content of the article:

Rules exercises on the fitball for infants – tips pediatricians

Before proceeding to the exercises, parents should take note of the recommendations of the specialists practice at the shell:

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Job description for foster parents


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the government to study the issues on the establishment at the Federal level requirements to activity “professional” of foster families, medical, pedagogical, psychological, legal support of the families who took education children-orphans and children left without parental care, families raising children with disabilities.

This question was included in published on 18 April, the list of orders of the President of Russia following the results of the first conference of the Russian popular front on the theme of “Building social justice”, which took place on 29 March in Rostov-on-don.

As commented “Komiinform” head of the Department of custody and guardianship of the Agency for Saraswati in the city of Syktyvkar Natalia Masterkova, there is no doubt that such requirements must exist, the activities of foster families, she said, must be regulated.

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Playing who’s your baby?


Who prefers to play your child is with their peers, with adults, with children older or with kids?

Of course, there are sociable children who are easy to contact with all age groups and successful in almost any situations. But such children are few, and they still have their own preferences. If this description applies to your child, you can only envy — your child is endowed with the so-called social intelligence (the ability to understand and predict the behavior of people, to notice and correctly interpret the details of human communication) and has no serious internal conflicts. Most likely, he is quite emotionally stable, have positive attitudes to the surrounding world and people.

Most children prefer to play with their peers. This is quite natural, as the level of development is roughly on the same level and interests often coincide. This choice is also supported by modern practice of kindergarten, where the child communicates primarily only in their group, which contains his peers.

Some children prefer to play with older students. Parents are often proud of this, considering the child is a manifestation Continue reading