Children should love their parents?
  «Children must love their parents. They'll only love their children» — write about it often. And you — do you agree? Children should love their parents? Here are a…

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What to do with a child 4 years: educational games
  Children aged 4 years are very active. They have an interest in everything that surrounds them. The result is a style of behavior of the child. Many parents believe…

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Why kids can’t hear us or don’t want to hear?


“I told him 10 times already said – and he is “zero” reactions! Did you even hear me?” Sometimes, parents may infuriate the situation when the child ignores their requests, pretends he can’t hear, don’t do so, as requested by parents. He quietly continues its exciting activities, or Vice versa protesting, rebelling and doing the opposite. Options child on our statements can be varied, but a rebuke of parents one – he does not want me to listen, I have the feeling that me he never hears!

Why is this happening? Because a little child is not making plans on how to kill their parents, to teach them a lesson, and educate. His reactions are more like an automatic reaction, a reflection of our relationship with him. And if the child cannot hear you, it is a litmus test, showing that you exist at different wavelengths with their child that the cooperative relationship between us.

And that could serve this. We would like to enumerate the reasons that lead to this result:

The most harmless and easily correctable option, when the child really cannot hear you due to the fact that immersed in the game state, in the world of fantasy . He is so fascinated by this that wafting voice is just not seen. Generally, the child’s play is better not to interrupt, without special occasion. But if the occasion is really important, first make sure that Continue reading

Asya Wanakena, writer, blogger: I Love to play with myself and love to watch the children at play

A little background. Recently my eldest — Rose — was 6 years old. We invited the kids to visit and planned a small quest based on the “Legends of chima”. But alas, the day before the event revealed that the boy had contracted enterovirus. Rose upset — a holiday that he waited so long, had to cancel. I, as you know, upset that he was upset.

And just the day before my birthday I received the book the ASI Wanjinas “iceberg on the carpet, or what to play with the child?”. A collection of games ASI with her son Axes. Read and prosmatrivala (there are great pictures, very visual), and by the evening I already had a plan ready sea adventures of our family team. And what! With the battle fleet against the octopus, rescue animals from the ice, the Northern lights, building igloos out of snow(!) in the Northern seas and a happy arrival in South. In short, the holiday was saved, all the viruses out of spite.

Thumbing through “iceberg on the carpet”, I had mixed feelings of admiration and sadness. Admiration, because ideas games — awesome! Diverse, original, exciting. Read and wonder.

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If the child does not hear You


One my client once complained: “I was bored parrot! I can have 15 times to speak to his son: turn off the TV, put the shoes in place, take a plate. He just does not respond until barks! And, in General, are there children who obey the first time?”

This boy van 7 years. I invited his mother to his guests. The child came in and the first thing turned on the TV – without the demand itself. I asked him: “Vanya, please turn off the TV” . He habitually did not respond. I approached him, took him by the hand, looked in the eye and said: “Vanya, TV” . Then he calmly turned it off and on during the remaining three hours, all my requests were fulfilled on the first try.

I showed my mom Vani that it’s not the child. It’s just that there are adults who won’t say it again.

Children must be taught to hear us and obey the first time. When mom says a lot for a child her voice becomes the background, and he really stops to hear.

Women, in principle, by its nature, is a lot of talk on the day we need to say from 5 to 10 thousand words! Can you imagine? But not necessarily the whole flow to be poured on the child. You can call her friends, mother, to leave a few words to her husband.

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