Fables and fairy tales. Cartoon collection
  About the film: a Collection of cartoons: 01. "The crow and the Fox. The cuckoo and the cock" 1953. – animated film - adaptation of the fables of I.…

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How to develop personality in the period of preschool age? (from 3 years to school entry)?
The assimilation of moral norms. Three age stage of personal development of children in preschool childhood, their relationship with the formation of different aspects of the personality of the child.…

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Conflict in the interaction of parents and children


This kind of conflict – one of the most common in everyday life. However, it is to some extent overlooked by psychologists and educators. We do not consider the problem of the conflict of generations, which is much wider and is actively developed by sociologists. More than 700 of psycho-pedagogical work on the problem of conflict is unlikely to be typed with a dozen other publications, centred on the problem of conflicts between parents and children. She usually studied in the context of a more extensive research; family relations, age crises, the influence of marital conflict on children’s development. However, it is impossible to find such a family, where there was no conflict between parents and children. Even in wealthy families in more than 30% of the cases observed relationship conflict (from the point of view of a teenager) with both parents.

Why do conflicts arise between parents and children? In addition to the General causes of conflict relations between people, which are discussed above, highlight the psychological factors of conflicts in the interaction between parents and children.

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What to do in the summer


Don’t know why, but for the summer taken a lot of planning. Perhaps this psychology that goes back from childhood, when there were holidays. Many people dream about vacations and making plans for him.

But the holiday lasts only 3 weeks, a month tops. And the summer lasts for 90 days. So those two months were not in vain — we need daily to do something interesting and useful.

12 ideas what to do in the summer:

1. To write a book.

About it probably every thought. Just start writing about my life. You probably know a lot about the relationship or about his work, maybe about life in General. When a person retires, it is the whole life experience is wasted. Earlier craftsmen passed on their secrets from generation to generation.

2. To write this blog.

Who has the blog, so you can start to develop it and write new articles. Those who abandoned you can revive your website. Those who have long wanted to start a new blog — now is the time. Blog have to write and tell you that it is interesting and may be useful to others.

3. Self-development.

Read books that have long wanted to read. To complete the training or to listen to audio books that have long been downloaded. To read articles on the topic of personal growth and self-development. Finally start to do something for yourself — for example Continue reading