How to develop personality in the period of preschool age? (from 3 years to school entry)?
The assimilation of moral norms. Three age stage of personal development of children in preschool childhood, their relationship with the formation of different aspects of the personality of the child.…

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Domestic labour as a means of developing independence of children of senior preschool age
  Introduction Chapter 1. The theoretical basis of the problem of the development of independence among older children by means of domestic labour 1.1 the problem of the development of…

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How harmful General anesthesia?


Many patients wonder, what is the impact of anesthesia on the human body. Than it is dangerous? And what are the consequences of its use?

The exact answer can not give even the anesthesiologists. But their opinion is that anesthesia has a rather negative impact on the body.

Anesthesia is a condition which can be compared with loss of consciousness, but reversible in nature. Its main function is to rid the patient from physical pain during the operations, so the anesthesia used in surgery. Anesthesiologists choose the desired dosage of anesthetics based on the individual characteristics of the organism, and the type of operation conducted.

Influence of anesthesia on the body . first of all, depends on the type of anesthesia. In anesthesiology are three types of anesthesia: intravenous, intramuscular and inhaled. The choice of anesthesia affected by the characterization of both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Also important is the physical condition of the patient and the complexity of the operation. The anesthesiologist calculates the ideal mixing ratio of various drugs and selects the appropriate type of anesthesia for each patient individually.

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How to test for appendicitis

Appendix – is an inflammation of the vermiform Appendix cecum – Appendix. It is considered one of the most common diseases of the abdominal cavity, which requires immediate surgery – appendectomy. Suppuration in the mucosa of the Appendix is developing so rapidly that it can go beyond the process. This may contribute to the presence of constipation in a patient, fecal stones and increased putrefactive fermentation in the gut.

Regardless of age, each person may experience inflammation of the Appendix, although it is more common in people aged 10-30 years, and in women it occurs twice as often than men. Annually worldwide from thousands of people every fifth enters the hospital with a preliminary diagnosis of “acute appendicitis”. In the annual reports of medical institutions, fatal effects of the disease reaches 0.3 % (in absolute numbers – 12 months of about 6000 people), and therefore the value of this problem is difficult to overestimate, because for thousands of patients is a real threat to life.

How to check for appendicitis?

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Childhood fears


According to research, every second child in a particular age experiencing fears. Most often it affects children from two to nine years. At this age the child already sees much and knows a lot, but not all understands, unbridled children’s imagination is not constrained by real world images. However, fears and other emotional disorders in this age, rather say some exaggeration of the norm in the development process than something abnormal.

For example, for a baby seven months OK to be afraid of unfamiliar adults. Real or perceived lack of mothers causes fear to all normally developing children of preschool age.

The range of children’s fears is limited only by the imagination of our kids, and she has no boundaries. Each individual fear and psychologists when dealing with children’s fears pay attention not only to their content, but rather on the cause, the number and severity of these fears. Almost any object or event from the external world may turn to the child in something frightening. For example, one six-year-old boy in a closet with toys lived 18 hairy trolls. In the evening they all came out of the closet and began to look for food. If the boy did not leave them candy or cookies, they were very angry and began to rustle. Continue reading