Our children are our future

Fitball for infants – 9 best exercises
  Active gymnastics from the cradle – is it possible? With fitball – Yes! Almost every modern mom has this simulator that performs several functions. This large gym ball helps…

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The Level of labor skills of preschool children
  Neighbor kid himself brushing his teeth and cleaning their toys, and your child ’ s not? There is no reason to be upset! Each child is unique and each…

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Childhood fears


According to research, every second child in a particular age experiencing fears. Most often it affects children from two to nine years. At this age the child already sees much and knows a lot, but not all understands, unbridled children’s imagination is not constrained by real world images. However, fears and other emotional disorders in this age, rather say some exaggeration of the norm in the development process than something abnormal.

For example, for a baby seven months OK to be afraid of unfamiliar adults. Real or perceived lack of mothers causes fear to all normally developing children of preschool age.

The range of children’s fears is limited only by the imagination of our kids, and she has no boundaries. Each individual fear and psychologists when dealing with children’s fears pay attention not only to their content, but rather on the cause, the number and severity of these fears. Almost any object or event from the external world may turn to the child in something frightening. For example, one six-year-old boy in a closet with toys lived 18 hairy trolls. In the evening they all came out of the closet and began to look for food. If the boy did not leave them candy or cookies, they were very angry and began to rustle. Continue reading

What to do in the summer


Don’t know why, but for the summer taken a lot of planning. Perhaps this psychology that goes back from childhood, when there were holidays. Many people dream about vacations and making plans for him.

But the holiday lasts only 3 weeks, a month tops. And the summer lasts for 90 days. So those two months were not in vain — we need daily to do something interesting and useful.

12 ideas what to do in the summer:

1. To write a book.

About it probably every thought. Just start writing about my life. You probably know a lot about the relationship or about his work, maybe about life in General. When a person retires, it is the whole life experience is wasted. Earlier craftsmen passed on their secrets from generation to generation.

2. To write this blog.

Who has the blog, so you can start to develop it and write new articles. Those who abandoned you can revive your website. Those who have long wanted to start a new blog — now is the time. Blog have to write and tell you that it is interesting and may be useful to others.

3. Self-development.

Read books that have long wanted to read. To complete the training or to listen to audio books that have long been downloaded. To read articles on the topic of personal growth and self-development. Finally start to do something for yourself — for example Continue reading

The Education of children: parents ‘ responsibilities and the notion of education


It is impossible to distinguish a single correct way of raising children – understanding of the process has changed throughout the development of civilization, and in each country, their approach to this.

For this reason, education is perceived differently in different historical epochs. However the main ingredient of education has always been spirituality.

The education of children and parental responsibilities

The multifaceted responsibilities of parents – they not only have to dress, feed and entertain the child, but to constantly bring it up. This means that they must care for them both materially and spiritually. It is very important to instill in your child from early childhood politeness and proper manners, to introduce the fundamentals of science, and constantly expand the horizons of the child.

The child should regularly read informative books, learn grammar and numeracy, every day to learn something new. It is the parents your child the understanding of good and evil, explain what justice and fairness. To raise a child – it means gradually develop it and not to forget the moral values that he needs to learn from early childhood.

It is in the upbringing of children is one of the main characteristics of a person, Continue reading

Sick child and pregnancy: what to choose?

I’m not well-versed in all of these situations. My answer to the question to leave or not – definitely not! But only on the condition that not one person has confirmed deviations.

It is really a torment, and not so much for parents as for children. Few people after this dare to give birth to a second. Yes, you can argue to me that you know a lot of cases, giving birth and normal. But nevertheless, these are isolated cases compared to the majority.

Rehabilitation costs a lot of work and funds, for the second time nor money will not remain in practice. And God forbid, if it does not require any specific care, and will be completely healthy. Do you know how many fathers leave families with sick children? And women bear this cross for myself. And well, if they have someone to help.

My situation is slightly different. Daughter was born at 26 AK. week, 900gr36cm. The cause of preterm birth was my unstable emotional state, body burden. The child was born fully formed, but because of the fragility was seriously injured in childbirth. The doctors immediately announced that it will be disabled, and on what system of the body is unclear. And asked me to sign a refusal. For me it was scary and crazy. I was 20 years old, the child is planned, desirable. My husband and I are healthy, worked, got IN, provided with housing. I wondered what I will Continue reading

What to do with a child 4 years: educational games


Children aged 4 years are very active. They have an interest in everything that surrounds them. The result is a style of behavior of the child. Many parents believe that kindergarten fully gain the necessary knowledge.

All because the child perceives the game with my parents is much better than in kindergarten. Good parents don’t have to look for, what to do with the child 4 years, and to play with him, to do something together. It should be remembered that at the age of 4 years of a child’s worldview is shaped and need to make every effort to get it formed correctly.

If the child still cannot read, then you can playing to teach him that. It is best to find a magnetic Board with dice, where the painted figures and letters. Also, it is recommended to find cubes, which painted a picture and the word. First, you need to show small words of 3-4 letters. Let the child describe the picture on the cube with the word. After this, the child must independently find similar letters and make words. Enough 10-20 minutes a day for this game. As soon as a child begins to form words without the help of parents, we need to complicate the task: to use the words of 5 or more letters, moving on to short sentences. Continue reading

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