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What to do with a child 4 years: educational games


Children aged 4 years are very active. They have an interest in everything that surrounds them. The result is a style of behavior of the child. Many parents believe that kindergarten fully gain the necessary knowledge.

All because the child perceives the game with my parents is much better than in kindergarten. Good parents don’t have to look for, what to do with the child 4 years, and to play with him, to do something together. It should be remembered that at the age of 4 years of a child’s worldview is shaped and need to make every effort to get it formed correctly.

If the child still cannot read, then you can playing to teach him that. It is best to find a magnetic Board with dice, where the painted figures and letters. Also, it is recommended to find cubes, which painted a picture and the word. First, you need to show small words of 3-4 letters. Let the child describe the picture on the cube with the word. After this, the child must independently find similar letters and make words. Enough 10-20 minutes a day for this game. As soon as a child begins to form words without the help of parents, we need to complicate the task: to use the words of 5 or more letters, moving on to short sentences.

For the development of mental abilities will approachthe game of “guess what I’m doing.” In the game you want to show different steps of the child to guess. Show need simple steps that the child went into the process. The first actions that need to be displayed are, for example, driving a car or eating. The child will quickly understand the gameplay and then you can move on to more complex tasks.

For development of creative abilities of the child, the whole family can to put the play on a story, which the child knows well. During the game, the child will train your memory, Recalling the role of the hero. Before the show you want to draw the mask, come up with costumes. If for the play need to learn the lyrics, then do it together. Listen to the opinions and wishes of the child. Also, you can call his friends and to put the play together. Thus, many parents will decide on what to do with the child. 4 years lived the life of a child is unlikely to remember, but this game will be shaped by his imagination and creativity. The process of cooking performance, you can shoot a video to keep the memory.

For a boy you can buy a lot of designer, toy soldiers, etc. and create some masterpiece. The main thing is not to contradict the desires of the child.

Let him Express all the possibilities of his imagination. You can make a small war between father and child. The father creates its own database (of course, less powerful). and the child is his. As a result, the defeated army of his father, and a child full of joy.

To learn more and develop them (if they are still there). it is possible to paint. Not all the boys will want to draw, but worth a try. Best buy drawing paper and allow the child to demonstrate their creative abilities, right down to drawing hands and feet immediately.

Girls refer to drawing with greater interest than boys. In 4 years they are able to paint and pencils, and paints. You can show your child paper crafts, origami. But at first you have to help the parents because the child may not understand the methodology and upset. Step by step to show the creation of crafts and after some time, the child himself will be able to make paper masterpieces.

You can play with the child in play “in reverse”. The essence of the game is that the parents say the phrase, e.g., “light feather”, and the child must meet the “heavy weight”. As in the previous game, you should ask first, simple phrases, gradually moving to more complex. In General, games on the development of thinking skills very much. And you can find them on the Internet for “educational games for kids 4 years”, etc. the Variety of games is surprising.

In 4 years the child is no longer pulls it in your mouth and so you can buy the puzzles. This option is ideal for a quiet, diligent children and no matter girl or boy. First buy puzzle 50 elements, then 100. Gradually increase the number of items. This game develops attention, concentration, logical thinking.

Many children love to read books. But not all parents have the time to read. Therefore, you should approach this problem creatively. Can from all of the pictures of the child to create a book and Supplement, if necessary, clippings of illustrations from magazines and Newspapers. This book will be of interest to the child, because almost all the drawings made by him. Plus, the child will develop a thirst for books.

Another good game is called “Find the toy”. Parents hide any toy in the room, and the child must find it. Should not have to hide the toy somewhere deep or high. Otherwise the game could end in tears and frustration. The child must find the toy just. Then the parents and the child switch roles. In this case, the toy should look for a long time, not knowing where she might be.

During the search, the toys should ask the child about the tips. In this case, children have a very well developed thinking. Games for development of the lot and list them in one article is impossible. Many games can be read in the literature or the Internet.

A lot of games and other educational classes can be found on request “developing child, 4 years” or “educational games for kids 4 years”. Also, you can chat on the forums with parents who have gone through it and are ready to share the experience.