The Spoiled child in the first year of life
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How to develop personality in the period of preschool age? (from 3 years to school entry)?
The assimilation of moral norms. Three age stage of personal development of children in preschool childhood, their relationship with the formation of different aspects of the personality of the child.…

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Clubs for children in the summer – something to take the child in summer


Throughout the school year, some parents are thinking about how to diversify leisure of his child, picking up interesting Hobbies, attending extra classes, cultural groups and sports clubs. But particularly acute a question of finding a circle or section for the child gets up during the summer holidays, when children receive a lot of free time, to hold that the parents simply do not have enough time and effort. While mom and dad continue to go to work, children spend the whole day at the computer, in front of the TV and the refrigerator, where the same without him. And as a result of three months of summer the children are only impressions from a three-week vacation spent with his parents, as well as impaired vision, spine and stomach. That this did not happen, program planning for the summer should be approached responsibly. And to help parents in this matter may be varied educational groups for children who work all year round and are stepping up their activities during the school holidays.

Clubs for kids allow students to communicate with each other, make new friends, develop in children the skills and ability to work in a team. In addition, any classes taught children discipline. And since it’s not school, and assessments do not put here for omissions and not abused, it is a constant visit to your favorite sections teaches children self-organization and self-discipline. And this is a very useful property possessed by successful people.

In a circle to give the child

In a circle to give the child? The first thing parents should do is to ask your son or daughter, in a circle the child wants to go. If the ideas are missing, look at what your talents Your child has. If you notice the baby has signs of genius in any field, try with him to go to the appropriate section or a circle. And just look what they do. It is likely that Your child is also “light up” the idea and the next classes will join the group. Very often in the summer in the parks or entertainment complexes conduct master classes for children on drawing or dance choreography. It is also a good option to try something new.

In addition to the talent of the child in a particular field, make sure what traits are inherent in it. Do not give fidget in the circle, where he will not be able to move, or demure — in group sports section. This will only undermine the confidence of the child and form a number of complexes, as obviously clear that in an uncomfortable situation, he will always be the weakest in the group.

Check the condition of the baby. Usually to enroll in any sports section, the coach should require You admission from a pediatrician and a health certificate from a cardiologist. Do not neglect these requirements in good faith and better pass inspection with the child, so the load on his body were adequate it capabilities. If the child have any chronic illness, consider this when choosing an occupation. Better play it safe and refrain from dangerous Hobbies.

Often, choosing clubs for children during the summer, parents are guided and also financial aspect. Since the choice of classes is very large, and it is not always possible, meet the family budget rates in children’s clubs, hobby groups and schools. For example, classes at state sports schools, art school and studios are worth mere pennies, but Hobbies such as paintball, racing and horseback riding will cost to parents is not cheap. Sometimes it also happens that free clubs for children require the purchase of expensive sports requisites, payment of additional coaching and lessons, sewing costumes for dance productions or buy expensive materials for crafts. This should be considered, and therefore it is better to discuss the matter immediately upon arriving in the office or in advance to ask on Internet forums.

Do not forget that some activities for your child, You can arrange your own. Buy son or daughter the camera and install on your computer a good photo editing application, let them try to Express themselves in art. Give your child roller skates, Bicycle or other sports equipment. And part of his time will be busy with sports training. Maybe Your little one will love to sculpt with clay, draw or make out of wood. All this You can organize yourself in your yard or on the balcony. The main approach to the choice of hobby for a child with enthusiasm.

If You are even in summer remains a busy schedule and have no time for children, do not forget about the existence of children’s camps. There not only exists an interesting entertainment program, but also the children have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of a foreign language, or perhaps to devote more time to sports and dancing. This is a good option to take the child for a couple of weeks. But you need to remember that not all children like to spend time away from their parents, so the first time parents should be prepared often to check on the child and if necessary to take him home.

Now there are many opportunities to organize summer activities for children. Various mugs and sections can satisfy any taste. But parents should not forget to pay attention to their children. Walks for the whole family at the amusement Park, balls and ice cream, the zoo and the Dolphinarium, museums and exhibitions, riding bikes, Hiking in the woods, boating and fishing – all of this can create in the child a real feeling of summer and happiness.