Children's fear
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Fables and fairy tales. Cartoon collection
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Children should love their parents?


«Children must love their parents. They’ll only love their children» — write about it often. And you — do you agree? Children should love their parents? Here are a few stories from the life: what do you think about them?

… Father and mother raised three sons. They are all different, but they have in common is reverence to parents: all of them, with their families, are constantly coming to my parents. One of them’s wife (daughter in law) even jealous of mother (in-law).

… Children grew up in a prosperous family, was educated, but once “stood up”, I forgot about your parents – do not write, do not call, do not come.

… adopted child in the family who knows about her mother, deprived of parental rights because of alcoholism. In no need, his love. But he often calls me mother (biological), just to hear her voice, though she knew not want.

… the Children grow up in a “dysfunctional” family, was subjected to physical and moral humiliation. The parents are deprived of parental rights and children sent to the orphanage. Now they still love their mom and dad and waiting for each to visit them.

… the woman had three girls from different men. The girls grew up and went away from mom. Mom continued to lead a riotous life and drunk he died. All three daughters came to the funeral and buried her as a decent woman: the coffin was covered with velvet, the deceased was expensive beautiful dress, and they took her to be buried there, where they lived themselves.

Children should love their parents? No matter how you answered, then you need to specify. First — the children of what age? From small children seriously expect the love of parents — hard. Children can start to love their parents only when they acquire a certain level of culture and begin to understand what love is. Secondly, it is not obvious that children should love their parents any and always. Parents — it’s just people who sometimes suddenly born children, sometimes the parents themselves are little more than children, sometimes they are cruel, and then read the police reports. Anything can happen, not all parents are worthy of the love of their children.

However, children are different. Sometimes, adult children away from their parents, go into addiction or convert to another faith. The girl, who left the squad to Islamist militants might tell their parents: «I don’t want to know, you dogs!» When children are quite different values than their parents — parents right to be for such children by strangers. These children they have, unfortunately, no longer.

If children are in quarrels with their parents, it’s sad, but the argument — the relationships of loved ones, so parents have a choice: they can also be meet a quarrel, and from the pedagogical reasons to continue to love and care for, at least try to do it.

If the children are welcoming and friendly (but only just) and live somehow, and their souls are not with their parents — it is not bad, with such children can make friends and meet mutual affability and kindness. But to keep these children if they do not want to work hard and seriously to learn? Not obvious, there may be options.

If the adult children live with dignity, work honestly and with soul learn, the more help parents around the house, always in response to the request will prepare Breakfast and wash the dishes, then the parents will be proud of them and if the kids were still fully support yourself is difficult, parents are able to help them financially. Money children are very necessary: quality stuff — expensive things, but to buy an apartment for a young family can afford not everyone. Parents will help children when they really live in dignity. But to live a decent life — is one thing, but to love their parents — is another. Do these children their parents? They will help parents when their parents ask — or will ask themselves what they parents can do to help? And how to behave to parents if children are concerned only with themselves and their lives, in their soul if there is no understanding of what it is — loving parents?

Children become adults and the parents ‘ behavior must be different. If parents twenty years loved his children and children used to get it for granted, without thinking about the impact — Yes, it is the parent joint, all claims to children and to parents. But keep doing what you have been doing for twenty years with the controversial result — hardly true. Probably just wrong.

To 18, to love their children — parental responsibility, natural for those children wanted to have and loved them even before their birth. When the children become adults, the relationship can become other. The relationship of adults — already a couple dance, and parents can relate to their adult children already, depending on what the children how they live and how they relate to parents.

Love — it is a dance of two, and already the children have to invite the parents in this dance. At some point parents need to stop feeding the children unconditional love, asking them to take care of the love in the family. This is also the time of growing up, adult children work love should already be removed from the shoulders of parents and to assume responsibility for it. Love to kids can and should be unconditional, adult love is only love. Adult children can and should make their own decision whether they have plans to see my parents as those who now love they will choose.

What is this — loving parents? How is it?

It — think about them. Question about love is the question: «Where’s your soul?» and our soul is directed to a variety of things. Once our attention extends to signage cafes or shops, when thoughts are spinning around «it would be Good to do here repair» or «it seems it’s time to go to the doctor», sometimes crushes consideration «Need to prepare for the tests!» — all these United by one thought: the thoughts about ourselves. It is not obvious that here we love, but it is obvious that at this time parents in our soul — no. If we call friends or waiting for a meeting with a favorite — our soul with friends or loved ones. How much time, how many minutes per day do you remember about your parents, think about their actions and lives, looking at their facial expressions, to ask them about their health, and business?

If you came home and went to his room, closing the door behind him, that you do not interfere — parents don’t see you, and only closed the door separating you from them. If the parents you say something and you dismiss or answer with a smile so that the conversation ended faster — they feel that your soul is not with them. If you only discuss with friends and parents to come only when there relationship is strained or you broke up with your loved ones, they understand what they place for you. If you parents need support in difficult situations and money, you parents are, but it’s not about love.

Loving parents — is to share with them what you important and interesting. To tell about how was you day that you were pleased or grieved, what were you thinking — and be sure to ask what they think about it. Parents — not just a place where you can give vent to their feelings, these are people who have something to say which is worth listening to. Your conversations — it is a monologue or you, something saying like to ask: «Mum, what do you think?» «Dad, did you agree with me? What would you?» Those who love, love to talk together, I love to consult and discuss. And then to think about what was said, to return to those talks — because if you do, you think about those you love. Your soul — with them.