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SMALL SHARKS – children of fear from the depths


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Small sharks not keep fewer secrets and mysteries than their larger counterparts. Starting to write its history, long before dinosaurs roamed the planet, these careful and dangerous creatures, despite its small size, for 400 million years, up the steps of the hierarchy of water biocenosis, gradually capturing almost the entire area of Land.

Intelligence sharks, regardless of the mass and the length of their torso, evolved, much stronger than the intellect of the other sea creatures, and small sharks deserve the same respect and caution as giant members of their extended families.

What sizes of sharks?

For some reason the majority of mankind the belief that sharks are bloodthirsty creatures, the size of which is many times higher than human. It’s not right. Among shark superorder large species accounted for only 10% of all sharks.

The rest mass is small, or, say, small species, whose length ranges from 1.5 meters up to 8-10 cm Size of these fish are a beautiful example of evolutionary adaptation of species to deep sea life.

Malacarne conditions at great depths, there is a paucity of acceptable food marine life in bottom waters did not allow deep-sea species grow to sizes of sharks, acquiring in the environment of warm upper waters.

Due to the size and shape of the body. predatory lifestyle, small sharks reached an adaptation to their environment and became the real rulers of the deep sea. And although now there are some dwarf species that prefer the upper layers of the ocean basin, they all came from the distant dark water the bottom.

Watch the video on the “Little glowing shark”:

What unites small sharks?

Most of the smaller sharks have common features. First, they, in contrast to the large species, some of which feed on plankton, always carnivorous predators. This is due to evolution – small fish are unable to survive for millions of years without such evolutionary changes. If you want to survive, you must survive – this is the main principle of life ferocious creatures.

Eating other inhabitants of the ocean, often far exceeding their size, small sharks not only to free themselves of a place in the area of existence of many kinds of the living, but also get rid of some potential enemies – the same medium, and large bony fish and some predatory molluscs.

The body of the shark is ideally suited to the marine environment. No air bubble not only allows them to ignore the enormous pressure of thousands of tons of water, but also affects the speed of their movement. Even one of the world’s smallest shark is the dwarf striped – capable of speeds up to 12 m/s. This is equal to the speed of movement of the submarine .

Speed characteristics of sharks

It should be noted that large sharks do not observe a consistent speed figures among different species. For example, the limit of speed for nurse shark – 15-20 km/hour, while the great blue shark hurtling at a speed of a hundred-meter runner on the track – 32-35 km/hour, the Mako shark is still faster: 36 km/h.

The speed of movement of small sharks due to the small size of cells scales which secrete a special mucus, enveloping the body of the shark. The mucus helps to overcome water resistance, and, consequently, affects the speed. Here is a hidden secret of quickness small sharks: the more mucus, the higher the speed. But the amount of the lubricant depends on the size of the cells. Small scaly cells produce much more mucus than the scales of a large fish.

Some big sharks – Mako, lemon, blue – cell scales are the same narrow and small, like smaller species. That is why these species have the same speed capabilities as kids shark family.

The only sloth among small shark is the spiny dogfish. or black sea dog. Compared with other species, spiny dogfish are slow and phlegmatic – it max 25 km/h. But do not underestimate the ability of predatory fish – shark shark remains, the more that these figures are low for shark family, far exceed the speed of most other marine life.

Habitats and scheinost small sharks

Small sharks are not common conditions of existence – some species prefer warm surface currents, others deep and bottom water of relatively low temperature. But what can I say, different kinds of sharks even choose different hemispheres of the Earth!

The same dwarf polar shark lives at depths of 2000 meters in the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean, where the water temperature does not exceed 5 degrees, whereas pamorama the logo people use Euprotomicrus bispinatus found in the warm coastal waters of hot Africa. By the way, most small species are real homebodies.

Small sharks more than large predators inherent to a sedentary existence – matter, tagged baby sharks were released into the sea and float them have grown up in the same place in 10-15 years!

Common to all small species can be called a habit of gregarious existence. This is understandable – hungry bloodthirsty little difficult alone to attack large prey, but for the group toothy killers is such a thing – a piece of cake.

Also interesting demeanor, characteristic only of small sharks. If the group of such toddlers will approach a large predator, they will gather in a large mass close to scare off a potential enemy. At this point, head all the fish directed toward the danger, and mouth with hundreds of small teeth gaping menacingly. Even very large daredevil will become clear that the attack is risky and disastrous.

Watch the video on “Small sharks in the pack”:

But despite the high commonality and cohesion shark groups, these crumbs are quite a lot of deadly enemies. The toothed whale is the sperm whale, rock bass, swordfish, skate shypohvostyy love to feast on the meat of smaller fish. Small sharks sometimes you have to escape, even from her fellow white, blue, cat, and tiger shark.

Lifespan ferocious babies are much lower than their larger relatives – 7-18 years (depending on species). For comparison, blue shark lives 30 years, brindle – 25, the whale shark is a true survivor among all – 80-90 years.

For millions of years before the Earth had stepped the first man, the shark family began to reign in the oceans. Wearing a crown along with big types, small sharks occupy an equally important position in the environment of marine life than their giant relatives.

Small sharks is a perfect natural form, which is passed through the milestones of the evolution of the remaining hasn’t changed for thousands of years. It is small species are the ancestors of all modern sharks. Indeed, these Babes are real gray cardinals, hiding his power. And even now all the secrets crumbs-killers remain unsolved mysteries.

Watch the video on “small shark Attack on people”:

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