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The age Difference – love and relationships


We live in an age of public relations in the age of free love, in times where most of the marriages performed out of love. Every day we see hundreds of happy and unhappy couples. And does not understand why the marriage of some people is so serene and successful, and others so heavy and dysfunctional, because years ago, they loved and cared about each other.

So why do some couples keep their love for the ages, while others lose it so soon?

The answer to these questions gives the Zoroastrian calendar based on the cycle of Saturn.

In accordance with this calendar each year is part of a certain totem – an image of the animal or bird. Here we must note that the Zoroastrian calendar begins not with the first of January, as we do, and with 21 or 22 March – during this period, the Sun enters the sign of Aries.

Therefore, persons born from January 1 to March 21, belongs to the totem of the previous year. Let’s see an example.

For example, you were born 20 June 1980 and, your husband was born on 10 February 1973. So, one of you (your husband) was born before 21 March, and the other (You) after that day. Officially (from the point of view of the Western calendar) age difference is 7 years. But if you count in the Zoroastrian system, it is your husband born before the onsetof astrological 1973. In other words, from the point of view of the Zoroastrians, he was born in 1972. And it turns out that the age difference is 8 years old. This difference should be looked at in the description that may promise you your marriage.

It happens that spouses were born in the same year, in which case they are considered peers. If they were born in different from a point sight of Zoroastrianism years, but the actual age difference between them less than a year, we considered three options .

1) the Difference is less than 3 months of age.

2) the Difference from 3 to 9 months

3) If the difference is greater than 9 months, it is taken to be the difference in one year.

If the partners are the same age . marriage is often extremely difficult. Partners get hung up too much on each other, which leads to the psychic circuit, which can handle only the conservatives. But ,despite this, the marriage is useful for self-knowledge and spiritual development, and allows women and men to feel comfortable and peaceful.

The difference between partners less than 9 months in such traditional couples, the kind that evolved between men and women for centuries, without any modern madness. Such couples have stable, conservative communication.

The difference in 1 year promises material prosperity. Such a marriage often has important business basis.

Love with an age difference of 2 years is often built on common interests. In such marriages, it is important not to lose these same interests, otherwise there can be a depression that will eventually lead to divorce. Moreover, such marriages are deprived of business cooperation, therefore, the accumulation of financial assets is not practically possible.

If the difference between female and male is 3 years . the marriage will be full of innuendo and tension. Very often one partner feels unhappy and unnecessary, on his shoulders to legalise hard tests, a constant desire to get rid of painful relationships.

The difference in 4 years – a marriage is full of harmony and love. Partners care about each other, in the relations and friendship and understanding. Atotals can last a very long time.

Relationships where the age difference is 5, 10, 15 and 17 Le t gives a pretty strong Alliance. Such a marriage seems to be blessed by the heavens. Fate holds if the man and woman next to each other. In these unions there is love, caring, and understanding. This Union promises a long and happy joint.

The difference in 6 and 9 years old – such a Union filled with mystery, intrigue. Partners face major challenges. Plus this kind of relationship that the passion will never fade.

The difference in 7, 14 and 18 – the Union is full of warmth and tenderness. However, it is likely that the family will always intermeddle relatives that negatively affect the couple’s relationship and will lead to resentment and innuendo. The chances of becoming a victim of damage.

Relationships with age difference in 8, 16, 19 years is very harmonious. The couple complement each other. Marriage is full of tenderness and care, affection and mutual assistance that contributes to the creation of good, of love, of marriage. Stable relationships give confidence in each other, and contribute to reveal the creativity of both.

If the age difference between a man and a woman is 11 years old . a couple waiting for a very difficult relationship. These relationships will never find the middle ground, they will move from one extreme to another – then hate, then love again, will go from swearing to passion. But do not forget that this can’t go on forever, one long innuendo and criticism will destroy love. In this case, the best choices will be to escape from each other, and the farther the better, otherwise the consequences will be dire.

The difference at the age of 12 years will create difficulties in mutual understanding between partners. There’s a good chance that the marriage will be unstable, and will make both unhappy. One partner will begin to put a spoke in the wheel of another, and this in turn will eventually ruin the relationship.

Marriage with a difference of 13 years of full intervention of mystical forces. Partners pereprodaet each other, doing each other’s spiritual and pure, or Vice versa, lead to degradation. Importantly, the relationship is to be clear and predictable, it will make both partners happy and promises a happy marriage.

So the age difference plays a role on relationships within the family.

In some cases, it helps to create a happy, prosperous family, while others create difficulties, and sometimes making love torture, which is able to withstand.