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The Education of children: parents ‘ responsibilities and the notion of education


It is impossible to distinguish a single correct way of raising children – understanding of the process has changed throughout the development of civilization, and in each country, their approach to this.

For this reason, education is perceived differently in different historical epochs. However the main ingredient of education has always been spirituality.

The education of children and parental responsibilities

The multifaceted responsibilities of parents – they not only have to dress, feed and entertain the child, but to constantly bring it up. This means that they must care for them both materially and spiritually. It is very important to instill in your child from early childhood politeness and proper manners, to introduce the fundamentals of science, and constantly expand the horizons of the child.

The child should regularly read informative books, learn grammar and numeracy, every day to learn something new. It is the parents your child the understanding of good and evil, explain what justice and fairness. To raise a child – it means gradually develop it and not to forget the moral values that he needs to learn from early childhood.

It is in the upbringing of children is one of the main characteristics of a person, in that we are fundamentally different from animals. Parents help the child to understand the world around them, they learn to help the weak and helpless, and provide the child’s comprehensive development.

Thus, the primary educators are the parents, as they are most interested in the fact that their child has grown a decent, honest man.

And when the child enters school, his education was attended not only by parents. School teachers help the child to adapt to the new social group and teach him useful Sciences.

But since the teacher had many students, the education of the child continue to engage parents.

The notion of education

The organized process of influencing the behavior and personality of a child is called parenting. Also education is one of the main aspects of socialization of the child. The main purpose of education is fulfilling and dignified personality development and early assimilation of eternal values.

Such values include: spirituality, responsibility and freedom. The value of spirituality is that the priority of the person must always be moral ideals, and the value of accountability means that since childhood, people have to realize the consequences of their actions and be prepared to answer for them.

In many ways, the specificity of training depends on the conditions of society, i.e., the time period in which the child is brought up.

For example, in the Middle ages infants long limited in physical activity, when the girls were growing up – they were dressed in tight and uncomfortable corsets. In many countries promoted Lasher children, it was even practiced in universities, and Porky were public.

But already in the early 18th century standards of education was considerably softened, and the notion of the child as a person who deserves fair treatment and has the right to choose. Therefore, the education of that time was focused on instilling good manners, discipline and education of willpower.