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for anybody not a secret that our age is rapid. Perhaps that is why young parents, fearing to be late, hurry immediately after the birth of the baby to plan…

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Domestic labour as a means of developing independence of children of senior preschool age
  Introduction Chapter 1. The theoretical basis of the problem of the development of independence among older children by means of domestic labour 1.1 the problem of the development of…

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Children’s fear


And what are the fears caused by the aggression of the child?

As you know, fear in children is a frequent phenomenon. But I didn’t expect that my child will have so clearly expressed anger, aggression in relation to everything around him.

In the subconscious of children are imprinted repetitive, stirring, causing turbulent emotions, the actions, moods that surround it, especially the habits of the parents. Not only behavior, but also adults who have influence in the process of education, training, communication, eats into nature, creating a personality. So in my articles under the concepts of father, mother, one should bear in mind not necessarily blood relatives, and those adults who had an influence in my childhood. Which can be not only a stepfather, stepmother, grandfather, grandmother, and aunt, a teacher in an orphanage and etc.

Complexes that affect so much in my entire life, from childhood, are from the subconscious. Quarrels and conflicts, various aggressive manifestations, is actually not happen because of those little things that are supposedly the cause, but because of unconscious internal hostility that parents were able to sow in kids. Children are shown outside of the parent complexes, fears that they fit into the character of children. Parents have to face their own complexes in the child who openly their shows. Adults obsessing about kids not understanding, tantrums, not appropriate behaviour, because these children are spot-on, showing parents weaknesses, from whom they hide.

Parents their systems and negatives to share with children unconsciously. Children’s fears confusing at first glance, the analogy with adults is hidden due to the different perception of the world. For example, from the fear of the mother of the uncertainty of the future, the daughter is afraid of the dark. From fear of the father to do what he believes right, the son is afraid to make an independent move, to be alone, even for a moment. The parents, who are obsessed with perfection, children are born with abnormal shortcomings. We are not able to calmly accept the reality, the child is aggressive. Children rassoglasovanii, constantly falling, from thousands of parents. Their own illnesses, children start to hurt after 11 -14 years, all early ailments and troubles, parent gifts. Fears and aggression parents spill over into the children until they Mature. Their fear they scare children, laying the seeds of fear for sprawl, creating them not so much by their actions as by the state. The child might benefit from the absence of the father in childhood, or make no difference. Experiencing in this regard, the mother, the child acquires various complexes. The death of his father in his childhood, or his care, unrest mother makes the child subsequently cling to men, being attached to them in different ways. Indecent responding about the father, the mother, enters the negative to all men. The boy, becoming a man, not exactly succeed relationships with friends, partners. The woman lifelong fear settles to the man, or dominated by the desire to own them, even in sex, over the pleasure that a man makes unconsciously push off.

What child is bullied in his childhood, he is afraid of in life. Even flown in a stroller beautiful butterfly, a frightening one time baby, it scares adults. But nobody is able to give more fears than parents, parenting is based on fear, which inculcate in their children, not always consciously, often with the best intentions, frightening than whatever is handy, themselves and each other. Nothing in the child not by chance, any sickness is knocking on parental unawareness. “In the eye speck is visible, and in my logs do not notice”. Children’s fear, and it has not a visible speck. Children repeating their parents, show their fears in a larger size.

The root of any aggression, complex, unhappiness, fear, prepared, sown, grown and harvested in different periods of human life. For the production of the light of happiness, it is important not education and training, and their own parent satisfaction, a condition which shapes the whole life of the future person. This satisfaction extends to children not only after birth, but, especially, during fertilization, as well as before and after it.

As at the time of conception and before him, formed the skeleton of the character or predisposition to certain parental fears whose state is transferred to the body parts of the future of man in the period of maturation of egg and sperm. Special influence on the life of the next person’s satisfaction with sex in which conception occurred. Happy people work conceived in the female orgasm. Not Prednisolonum to a specific fear to the child, it is not possible to sow, trying to scare him, will only laugh. Conversely, trying to cheer the kid in the field of predisposition to a specific fear, it can be scary to scare.

If the ground for fear prepares before conception, then it is sown fear, mainly in early childhood up to seven years, but also during pregnancy, and not so significantly, in a conscious form, after seven years, until puberty. Not scared to seven years, the child is not free from conscious fears. So that would give people real happiness, to make his life a lively and harmonious, it is important that their own children up to seven years, as far as possible to keep from themselves, especially young parents, for example, kind, loving great-grandmother who doesn’t know what is the mode of teaching and learning. Who allow financial opportunities, it is useful to hire a loving, diffident man. Parents are only good for fun, joy, becoming only the holidays and gifts, they cannot overshadow the lives of their children. The mother is only important during breast-feeding, when a child’s life is the Foundation of love.

Any coercion of a child sows in him an aversion to a particular activity, killing the living, giving birth to the dead mechanisms. Learning by heart is not desirable and often not clear, the child is aversion to doctrine. Mode makes the first step in the mechanization of the child, natural forcing authorities to work naturally, mechanically, like a clock. Ban children touching genitals adversely affect future sex life, up to aversion to sex and impotence. Only fun game with joy, not able to suppress the child, not to lay in it systems. The most dangerous and destructive for children to deal with their fears. By using suggestions, suppression, any effort, these fears can drive deeper into the subconscious, where they accumulate, and then burst with even bigger consequences. Should these fears parents to look for in yourself and to work with them. Worked out fears in yourself drop off the children automatically.