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The Level of labor skills of preschool children


Neighbor kid himself brushing his teeth and cleaning their toys, and your child ’ s not? There is no reason to be upset! Each child is unique and each child’s age level of mastery of the different labour skill. Let’s meet the level of labor skills for children aged 2 to 4 years to represent, what are the requirements to show to the child of this age.

The level of labour skills for kids

2 years

You receive the catchphrase “I do!”. Her child expresses his / her desire for independence, which is manifested, primarily, in self-service. He washes, washes and wipes her hands, eats, completely flooring with thick liquid and food, learns to hold a spoon. Actively helping to dress or undress himself, though it requires a lot of effort. But not how to buttoning and tying shoelaces. With the help of an adult of the toys. Willingly performs the simple instructions: bring and take, put. Starts to take the initiative and desire to bring concrete benefits to people adults: trying to sweep, wipe the table, to carry the package. Happy, if he does it.

2.5 years

Independence baby continues developing intensively. Child eats neatly, doing without the bib. Knows the purpose of objects and is able significantly faster to operate them while eating, toilet, preparing to sleep. For example: uses a napkin as needed without reminders.

Clothes: panties, socks, a cap can be put on without the help of an adult. Remembers and follows the rules of conduct: do not hurry up, do not put food, good chew. Calmly executes the instructions of adults, helps them during cleaning, caring for plants and animals. Lean refers to the clothes, cleans the place toys, miscellaneous household items, bearing his chair.

Coordination is improving, digested more complex skills. The baby becomes more persistent in the quest for independence. Eats, himself, as an adult hold a spoon. Can completely dress and undress, to button his shirt, dress, tights, shoes, although confuses left and right Shoe, wears a dress, sometimes backwards, tying the laces with a little help from an adult. Actively participates in cleaning, in preparation for dinner. Wants without help to feed the fish, water the plants, to maintain order in the closet with toys. Can take the initiative. Cares about others. May do not only what he wants, but also what we need. Says with satisfaction: “I did, we did together”.

Physical development of the child increases the level of labor skills. In self-service sometimes it takes him only a slight help. Willingly takes on the case, able to work quickly and accurately, to pursue the case. With pleasure learns acts with household items. Yourself brings order to the corner with toys. Working not only for themselves but also for others. Regularly and willingly performs the long-running instructions for the care of animals and plants, watching them, caring and feeling responsible for them. But he quickly gets tired, loses confidence in their abilities in case of overload, which can cause an aversion to labour. If saving time, mom or dad do for a child what he can do himself, life skills and self-extinguished and the child becomes lazy and irresponsible.

You have already identified that your child is able to do himself, and what he still needs to learn? Then consider what conditions are necessary to create the child for its own activities so as to contribute to the development of skills and abilities of their child. And of course don’t forget to give such orders for the baby that correspond to its age capacity, also physical and psychological condition of the child. If the child is tired and hungry after your walk, help him to change clothes and wash hands. And don’t forget to praise your child for wanting to do something on their own.

What you need to know to help your child to master work skills:

1. How to teach your child to make his bed? For the first time show and explain to your child where to start, how to reset a blanket and bedspread. Ask the child to hold, pull, put, spread bedding. Gradually give your child more autonomy.

2. How to teach your child to wash yourself? First of all, make this a comfortable environment: a stable stand under feet, beautiful soap in a bright bar of soap, pleasant child towel with eyelet. And don’t forget the hanger for baby towels, which should be prikreplena level is extended up the hands of the child, so it was convenient to hang him.

3. How to attach the child into domestic work? To help adults to set the table and clean the dishes from the table after meals can be charged and the child. Four years for a child to trust unbreakable dishes: bread, napkins, Cutlery. Since four years the child can put the plates, cups, saucers. It is desirable that the plates were comfortable and stable. By example learn the right way to use Cutlery: first with a spoon and later – with a fork.

During the domestic cleaning charge baby wipe small cloth the dust, wash the piece of floor in the kitchen, water the flowers, etc.

4. How to teach a child to remove and put on clothes?

Show and tell the child what party you need to wear panties and pantyhose. If the kid until this rule did not learn, before you can be put on sofa pantyhose right side, and the baby let him wear them on their own.

Teach the child to remove rasorvannii your shoes, rest of the clothes he needs to remove himself, except for the buttons and scarf if they are behind. At first it will do so slowly. Be patient and don’t interfere.

Show your child how to turn things on the front side and put on the right places.

5. How to teach your child to clean up toys? If everything has its place, it will help the child to maintain order. Take for toys certain places that the child was convenient to take and clean. Cute drawers, baskets and boxes for toys for every taste and purse are offered by numerous online stores Kiev. We must not forget that, demanding from her daughter or son care, you have to set an example. Verbal instructions contrary to the behavior of the adult, the negative effect on the child’s behavior. If a baby has a habit to clean the toys stuck, encourage his behavior; your inspection and approval will support him in the pursuit of order.

And the most important rule, in order to develop a child’s independence. Do not deprive your child of fun to be useful and to feel the joy for yourself the work done.