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for anybody not a secret that our age is rapid. Perhaps that is why young parents, fearing to be late, hurry immediately after the birth of the baby to plan…

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Parents and divorce: how to behave after a divorce?
The divorce process is over. Financial problems are solved, begins a new daily life. Each parent now has the right to their privacy. Some people condone divorce quickly, others get…

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Gatchina toys Tsarevich Paul.

to See my son for the first time after birth Catherine had only six weeks when she took a cleansing prayer. Then the Empress is the second time I came to her room and ordered her Paul.

Portrait of Grand Prince

Pavel Petrovich in infancy

“I thought he was really good, writes Catherine, and view it somewhat amused me, but as soon as prayers were over, the Emperor at once ordered to be taken away, and she left.” The third time Paul showed the mother at her request only in the spring, on the occasion of the departure of the Grand-Ducal couple in Oranienbaum; to get to his bedroom, she had to go through all chambers of the Empress and found him in a terrible stuffiness. But smart, European-educated mother could not immediately suppress my natural concern for my son and from a distance, with sorrow, followed the direction that he gave his initial education of good-natured, but strictly adhering to old-fashioned Russian traditions Empress Elizabeth.

Pavel Petrovich as a landlord’s son, passed gradually into the hands of ignorant female servants, with fear cared only about how to protect and grooming Barsky child left without parental care and supervision: even before the christening Paul, had almost died from thrush.

This society of nurses and mamusiek in the first years of life Paul had a harmful impact in other ways: they contributed to the development of the imagination of an impressionable child; these were the same women who sedated Empress carding heels and took her with stories of goblins and ghosts.

The unknown author.

The descent of the ships of the stocks of the Admiralty

In early childhood nerves Paul were upset that he was hiding under the table when any strong slamming doors. In caring for him there was no system. It happened that he went to bed or very early, at about 8 PM, or in the first hour of the night; it happened that night and gave to eat, when to “ask as you wish.” There were cases of simple negligence in caring for him. “Once he fell out of a cradle, so that no one heard. Woke up in the morning – Paul is not in the cradle; looked – he lies on the floor and very hard opacified”.

A. P. Losenko. Portrait of Grand

Prince Pavel Petrovich in his childhood

Meanwhile, the poor health of the Grand Duke still in its infancy demanded special attention. By order of Elizabeth the doctor Fasade after the birth of Paul six weeks I lived in one room with the Grand Duke and the night was ever-present with him; then Pusage slept about Paul only during his illness, to be replaced with another physician, Candidi.

Supervision of Paul, probably weakened since then, as the Empress Elizabeth has become less common to visit her grandson, giving him entirely in the hands of pristanic: perhaps, not without intent, they are so scared of Paul the Empress that he was shaking with one glance at her, and Elizabeth was forced to come to grandson only occasionally; the same happened, and for the same reasons, with a trusted friend of the Empress, Countess Mavrou by E. Shuvalova. Dined with the Grand Duke of poor nobles who lived at the court: Ivan Ahlainen, Sam D. and Mammy Anna Danilovna; the doctor stood there, but had no dinner, and the nurse served.

This society was surrounded by Pavel and Fyodor Dmitrievich the Bekhteev, who was appointed in 1758, the tutor of the Grand Duke. On the first day Bekhteev put Paul at the table to learn reading and writing, and with it, Ivan Ivanovich, Savely Danilovich and Anna Danilovna, who were also disciples. In the same year, four-year Paul began to dress in the then fashionable dress. “When the wig and dress ripe – says Poroshin, the nurse had sprinkled them with Holy water, and from that time Paul every day go to a wig”.

In childhood Paul had three Russian teachers, who cared about his education – Fedor Bekhteev (1716-1761), Simon Poroshin (1741-1769) and Nikita Panin (1718-1783).

Theodore D. Bekhteev was chargé d’affaires at the French court, but in March 1758 the Bekhteev returned to Petersburg, and on 19 October he was granted the master of ceremonies of the Imperial court, the rank of Brigadier and appointed a member of the Collegium of foreign Affairs. At the same time, he was assigned literacy four-year-old crown Prince Paul Petrovich. When doing Bekhteev began to apply a special method (what would now be called “learning through play”), connecting the fun to the teachings, and quickly learned of the great Prince of reading and arithmetic with the help of toy soldiers and a folding fortress. To prihodit Pavel Petrovich reading and to incite his ego, Bekhteev when playing with him seated next to the table of adults from the Palace servants, ordering them to pretend to be illiterate; then he began to print for Grand Duke special statement, where under the heading “From St. Petersburg” was informed about all the actions and errors of Paul of Russia, and assured him that these statements are distributed throughout Europe, so he has to read them if you want to know what they say about him. When Bekhteev was first printed, specially composed for Paul’s book “a Brief concept about physics for the use of His Imperial Highness Grand Duke Paul Petrovich” (St. Petersburg, 1760).