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How harmful General anesthesia?


Many patients wonder, what is the impact of anesthesia on the human body. Than it is dangerous? And what are the consequences of its use?

The exact answer can not give even the anesthesiologists. But their opinion is that anesthesia has a rather negative impact on the body.

Anesthesia is a condition which can be compared with loss of consciousness, but reversible in nature. Its main function is to rid the patient from physical pain during the operations, so the anesthesia used in surgery. Anesthesiologists choose the desired dosage of anesthetics based on the individual characteristics of the organism, and the type of operation conducted.

Influence of anesthesia on the body . first of all, depends on the type of anesthesia. In anesthesiology are three types of anesthesia: intravenous, intramuscular and inhaled. The choice of anesthesia affected by the characterization of both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Also important is the physical condition of the patient and the complexity of the operation. The anesthesiologist calculates the ideal mixing ratio of various drugs and selects the appropriate type of anesthesia for each patient individually.

Every anesthesiologist for yourself can draw conclusions on how was anesthesia of the patient. If during the surgery, everything went as usual, heart and lungs were working normally, and there were no complications during anesthesia, the anesthesia was good. But if something went wrong, there have been shifts in the institutions, the anesthesia was bad.

In the case when all goes well, the anesthesia has no effect on the lifespan of the patient, but possible mild side effects, such as weakening of the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. But when things went badly, to deny the impact on the duration of life there is possible.

But such conclusions anesthesiologists can do only in a specific period of time, i.e., when the patient is in the clinic and in the apparent shifts in the anesthesia process. Further consequences are only known to the patient.

General anesthesia has a negative impact mainly on the child’s body. And younger than he is, the more dangerous it becomes. The researchers concluded that anesthesia affects the development of the nervous system and even can cause death of brain cells. Some children lag behind in their development after use of General anesthesia, but soon they am up to their peers.

Harm General anesthesia as manifested in impaired memory, from minor cases and sharply expressed. It is also possible sleep disturbance, which is manifested not only immediately after application of anesthesia, but maybe after some time. Soon after anesthesia may impair speech and hearing, headaches and hallucinations.

Before you apply General anesthesia, you need to install mental patient at ease. Qualification of anesthesiologist directly affects the success of the operation.

General anesthesia is still not harmless, and leaves its trace in the human body. But we have to choose, and minor impact much better physical pain during the operation.

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