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How to Wake up in the morning


12 tips that will help to Wake up, make cold winter mornings, warm and joyful, will give energy for the whole day.

How to Wake up in the morning, when it’s winter – gloomy, cold and not always friendly? How to make the start of your day more bright and happy?

Happiness is when you want to Wake up. When I open my eyes, jump out of bed, cheerfully chirping something to herself under her breath and rejoice in the new day as a child. When shaking hands with a radiant sun, in high spirits hurrying about their business.

And this is not a fairytale, and small magic. Every woman (and we all have a little witch) can create for himself and his family. To prepare Breakfast for her beloved husband and children, give loved ones a smile, love and care. But most need to Shine. Like the sun, radiating warmth and to fill with its light all around.

We will tell you how easy it is to Wake up in the morning, will share simple, but so needed and helpful tips quick and pleasant Wake-up.

So, the tips of how to Wake up in the morning and be cheerful

As clichéd as it sounds, you need time to go to bed. The most useful sleep up to 12, so 10 it is desirable to plunge into the sweet arms of Morpheus. Comfortable mattress, linens made of natural fabrics, eye-pleasing pastel shades, ventilated room will make your sleep sound and healthy.

But mental work, a long sitting at the computer, on the contrary, can shake the thoughts that create emotional tension and cause insomnia.

Faster sleep will be walking in the fresh air, exercise, especially swimming, warm bath with soothing essential oils – lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, neroli, tea from herbs – lemon balm, oregano, mint, thyme. Under the pillow or at the head of the bed can put scented sachets filled with lavender, geranium, rose petals, flowers, Gardenia, sage and thyme.

In the winter you want to sleep longer. The bed is not released from his warm embrace, and a pleasant, enveloping twilight in the bedroom does not conducive to early recovery. And the need to get up and run to work becomes a real torture. Now go back to point No. 1 – the sooner we go, the easier it will be to get up. Well, that was quite easy to Wake up in the morning, read the following tips.

In winter, after a hard day, okulovskiy in a warm blanket and sitting comfortably by the fireplace with a Cup of your favorite tea, and I want to eat something delicious, a slice of cake, for example. Yes, sometimes you can, if you really want, but only occasionally. And not because of the sweet get well. Just the normal sleep after a late dinner is something from fantasy area. And even if you sleep 10 hours, will feel revived and full of energy, and fatigue and discomfort. During sleep the body must deal with their diagnosis 12 systems and to direct all efforts to restore their work and not digesting food and fighting toxins. The answer to the question how to Wake up in the morning cheerful, very simple – eat less before bedtime.

Not only chronic sleep deprivation, but the extra sleep is harmful to humans. If the alarm rang, you need to stand! Lying in bed is a bad habit, but to jump with her, as the meteorite is not necessary. And how then to leave a warm bed on a cold winter morning? How easy it is to Wake up in the morning?

Have you ever wondered why we stretch out in bed? Actually it helps us to Wake up, to disperse stagnant blood. So – stretch on health. Watch cats as they Wake up, slowly, sweetly stretching.

Another way to cheer up is a light head massage. In the supine position, lightly massage the whiskey, then let the fingers above the eyebrows, on the forehead, RUB your earlobes, massage the top of her head. In this simple way you will strengthen the flow of energy, which will begin to produce endorphins – hormones of joy.

After you got out of bed, drink a glass of warm water. This is a very useful habit to start your morning with water. And to warm up her need because hot (60 degree) water is better absorbed by the body.

Finally Wake up will help charging. And no don’t want, can’t, no time. 5 minutes and you will find there some. A few sit-UPS and tilts, rotations, feet and knees, swinging arms and legs. And if more and crunches, doing liftings 30, but every day, imagine how beautiful you will be in the summer, in your favorite swimsuit. Swapped the press not only makes a woman more beautiful, but also facilitates childbirth.

The word “charge” – a deep meaning. We need it to recharge. When you start to work different muscles, and the cells are filled with oxygen, in the body all processes are activated, the body wakes up and charged with energy.

Water treatments with alternating warm and cold water, complemented with a refreshing aroma of citrus shower gel, clarify the mind and will make waking up a little feast. Winter is the perfect time not only for warm baths, but also for invigorating treatments. Contrast shower will help to strengthen the immune system and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, make the skin taut and beautiful.

Wrinkled face, farewell! To remove puffiness under the eyes will help, you won’t believe the fast blinking. Simple but miraculous way. But there is another time-tested – wiping the face with ice cubes from a decoction of mint or chamomile. The skin becomes soft and velvety, blush appears, a person will breathe freshness.

You can use other plants: parsley, lemon balm, rose petals – for dry skin, calendula, petals of white Lily, St. John’s wort – for oily. And skin problems like chamomile diluted in 4 tablespoons of fresh aloe juice.

Preparing any broth at the rate of 2 tablespoons of dried herbs per Cup of water, infuse 2 hours, filtered, poured into molds and into the freezer.

Let’s start with the alarm clock. He wakes you up is not the annoying squeak, and a beautiful melody, for example, the birds singing. And after you Wake up, turn on some lively music. Listen to your favorite songs, nature sounds, look for some life-affirming movie or a piece of your favorite cartoon. But if loved ones are asleep, come to the aid of headphones.

Another great way to Wake up – sing the. After all, when a person sings, he’s happy. And nothing, if no voice or hearing is not absolute, or friends don’t like your singing. Don’t listen to anybody, sing – as you know how, if it raises your spirits. Wonderful voice and perfect pitch are endowed not all, but all this can and should be developed.

After half an hour after you drank water, you can have your Breakfast. But the sandwiches, cookies, candy – all for morning meal is not necessary. A proper Breakfast is not only a charge of vivacity for the whole day, but also the guarantee of health, so it needs to be useful and tasty. Sweet, but it needs to be complex carbohydrates: whole grain bread, fruits, berries, dried fruits. Ideal protein meals – porridge, fish, meat, cheese, eggs. And to complement your Breakfast is better than a glass of fresh juice, a Cup of organic coffee or herbal tea with honey.