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What to do in the summer


Don’t know why, but for the summer taken a lot of planning. Perhaps this psychology that goes back from childhood, when there were holidays. Many people dream about vacations and making plans for him.

But the holiday lasts only 3 weeks, a month tops. And the summer lasts for 90 days. So those two months were not in vain — we need daily to do something interesting and useful.

12 ideas what to do in the summer:

1. To write a book.

About it probably every thought. Just start writing about my life. You probably know a lot about the relationship or about his work, maybe about life in General. When a person retires, it is the whole life experience is wasted. Earlier craftsmen passed on their secrets from generation to generation.

2. To write this blog.

Who has the blog, so you can start to develop it and write new articles. Those who abandoned you can revive your website. Those who have long wanted to start a new blog — now is the time. Blog have to write and tell you that it is interesting and may be useful to others.

3. Self-development.

Read books that have long wanted to read. To complete the training or to listen to audio books that have long been downloaded. To read articles on the topic of personal growth and self-development. Finally start to do something for yourself — for example to find their talents and start to think positively.

4. Allow yourself to different experiments.

Refuse to watch the TV. To stop watching the series. Quit Smoking, exercise, or cease to sit in social networks. I do it for their development and work on yourself, but also to write an article. Someone is conducting experiments to increase productivity or stimulate creativity .

5. To begin to fulfill his dream.

At least one of the entire list. Something that I have long wanted, but denied himself. I sometimes think that life is given in order to realize their dreams. Because someone said that they came to us from God. I like this thinking.

6. The change of life.

In summer you can start changing your life for the better. Wrote about it here. For those who haven’t changed my life in the spring). You can start learning English. Or put a big goal and work on it for a hundred days, as in the book «Millionaire in a minute».

7. To find time for your favorite things.

Or just find a hobby for the soul. We often don’t even know what they want, there is a lot of categories to Have, but no desires category or be Able to Do. Actions bring more long term happiness than objects of possession.

8. Close all the tails.

Tails — this is a pending case. That is, to fulfil their obligations, promises, moral and financial debts. To fulfill all promised. Even promised, not the others. For example, if you wanted to start losing weight with the new year or to save money Monday, it’s time to do it.

Tell yourself that if you do what you promised, they will be one of your desires. Create an external intention, and strengthen him with some physical action.

9. In summer, you can play sports. Sport is useful for your loved body and to increase your working productivity. Sports make you beautiful and slim. He also teaches self-discipline. Winter always ask myself Why I didn’t run in the summer or spring?

10. Revision plans.

Look at your new year goals and plans. Sure you have long forgotten about them, it is time to bring them to life. Already it is summer, and many of them you brought to reality? Soon you will only have six months.

In summer, you can try to work on the freelance market. Just to see what a beast. Or to start making money on something else. Students go to various summer jobs, like waiters or couriers. Someone starts to use the tourist season for extra income. Some people sell ice cream, others ride on a pony, and others sell some Souvenirs.

12. To find and develop their talents.

You can start the development of some skills. To explore a new business or a new field. To learn something new. Summer is the time to think about my life. Everyone has a talent. You only need the time and desire to find it and develop systematically.

What else interesting you can do in the summer?

Specific examples:

1. To sign up for martial arts lessons. Some should be in your town. Just try to learn as much as they teach. Obviously not like in the movies about Shaolin monks).

2. To take cooking classes. Some of the chef. Don’t know true or not there are. You can not go back to school. And by Month to make new dishes every day to cook new and unusual dish. Watched the movie «Julie and Julia» and I liked how they took courses for cooks. She is there so many onions cut that the husband was in shock.

3. You can still go for some creative courses. For example, I would go for the lessons of spontaneous drawing or sculpting clay. Something that you could go once and leave a good impression. For tourists abroad often do something similar.

4. Well as without salsa or Rumba. I know that in every city they have. Or their similarity. There is also belly dancing. Winter does not want to go because of the cold, especially in the evenings. I want to remind that from his book about the state of the thread. for active holidays bring joy, it is necessary to spend energy to activate. In short, the kicks will be in a couple of weeks or a month when you start to get something.

It is better not much to plan. And even then you will not have enough forces, and do it fast bidognetti. It is better to choose one or two of the most coveted destinations.