How not to raise children
  Plump volume and even entire libraries written about how to raise children, and there is nothing I will not add. Just because we don't know how. I know how…

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Rules for parents
  Measurable whether a parent's love? In General, Yes, though it sounds a bit cynical. How much is our attitude to children? All children grow up in different conditions. And…

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Fables and fairy tales. Cartoon collection


About the film: a Collection of cartoons:

01. “The crow and the Fox. The cuckoo and the cock” 1953. – animated film – adaptation of the fables of I. A. Krylov. Yielding to the cunning flattery of the Fox, the Crow begins to CAW, drops from the beak with the cheese and only needed a cheat. But what the singers Cuckoo and Putuh? Their music is bad. what are not afraid of sin, Cuckoo praises the Rooster? – World Art.

02. The Quartet 1947. – animated film based on the eponymous fable by I. A. Krylov about how a monkey, a donkey, a goat and a bear decided to become musicians. During the speech were booed by the audience because they do not know how to handle musical instruments – World Art.

03. “Fox-Builder” 1950. – animated film based on the eponymous fable I. A. Krylov, like a lion who loved chickens, Donkey Council commissioned the construction of the chicken coop sly Fox. But he realized his mistake too late: after this “Builder” in the coop did not have chickens. – Telengana.

04. “The Fox and the thrush” 1946. – animated film based on a Russian folk tale about predatory and greedy Fox who makes threats thrush to carry out her wishes. Thrush to protect their young from predators, cunning leads her to the dog – World Art.

05. “Peacock tail” 1946. – animated film based on the fairy tale by Korney Chukovsky about a jealous bear, who demanded from Dr. Doolittle to stick him with peacock tail and went to the forest for a walk. Peacock tail gives hunters the seat of the bear.

06. “Kashtanka” in 1952. – animated film is a screen adaptation of a story by Anton Chekhov about the adventures of a dog Kashtanka who have lost their masters and got to the circus clown-trainer. And finally, the performance at the circus ended returning home – World Art.

07. “The cuckoo and Starling” 1949. – animated film based on a fable by Sergei Mikhalkov. In it praises strength, beauty, happiness in family life, in the community and condemned the selfishness and the desire of individuals to withdraw from the collective World Art.

08. “Forest concert” 1953. – animated film based on the fable by Sergei Mikhalkov. At the stage of forest goes live. In front of the audience played the fable about the elephant, the painter who tries to please the varied tastes of many critics – World Art.

09. “Polkan and mutt” 1949. – animated film based on the story of the same fables by S. Mikhalkov. The film condemns the cowardice, betrayal, and praised the honesty and courage. Brave Polkan, not sparing their lives, fights with wolves and their beats. Cowardly Cur who betrayed friends, becomes a victim of the wolf – World Art.

10. “The deer and the wolf” 1950. – animated film based on Estonian tales about how when a falling tree Wolf gets under him. Good-natured Reindeer helps the Wolf to get out. Instead of being grateful the Wolf attacks him. As judge between a wolf and a Deer stands Bear – World Art.

11. “Grey neck” 1948. – animated film based on the tales of D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak on the grey duck is remaining to winter in the North, away from flown away to warmer countries flocks of ducks, about her friendship with the hares and grouse, about their fight with a Fox – World Art.

12. “The lion and the hare” 1949. – animated film based on the fable of the national poet of Dagestan Gamzat of Sadassa about the cruel and greedy lion and the clever, resourceful hare, who defeated the king of beasts, and saved from the death of their comrades. – World Art.

13. “The elephant and the ant” 1948. – animated film based on the fable of the national poet of Dagestan Gamzat of Sadassa about how smart and resourceful Ant won boastful and stupid Elephant World Art.

14. “Magic bird” 1953. – animated film based on a Russian folk tale, tells the story of how throughout the County is a rumor about needlewoman Natalia-glory. But Natalya gets married, only for the man in her skills surpass. Capture the heart of Natalia decided boyar oaf – World Art.

15. “The magic treasure” 1950. – animated film based on the Buryat-Mongolian tales P. malyarevskogo about how in ancient times a herd of rich Galthana was guarded by the shepherd Bair. Once he saw as the bar grabbed the wonderful bird, and saved her, shot the predator bow. Ended his service, and he wanted to leave, having received 16 coins, but the greedy rich deducted from it for Kremenchug Mare, broken sticks and stuff so much that the shepherd broke down and whacked the villain on the head with the trunk. The servants left him tied up in the gorge. It was then flown to him a wonderful bird… – IMDb.