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The Interior and decoration of the nursery


Upon arrival of a new little person, parents begin to think about the fact that after a short time the child will need a hotel room. Of course, this will occur when such a step will be finished both adults and the baby. And – the room in which he would spend most of the time child.

Choose the room for the baby

Choosing bathroom for a little Tomboy or Princess, be aware that the child in her room spends much more time than parents in his bedroom. Therefore, we consider it necessary to recommend to devote to children’s big room. Then there will be enough air and enough space to highlight certain areas – sleeping, learning and playing. It is worth noting that even in a small room it is always possible to identify such zones – it is enough even 9-10m.kV.

In addition, it is desirable that the child has got the brightest room in the apartment – will be the perfect location on the East or Southeast. Then the sun’s rays in the morning will be to look in the window and will surely facilitate the child process getting up early in kindergarten or school.

By the way, about the school. Any parent it is clear that the room for her two year old baby and third-graders should be radically different. However, not everyone has the opportunity every 5-7 years to do major repairs within the one room. So let’s consider the basic principles of the arrangement of the room for kid and teenager, and then find a way of organizing space in the nursery, with her child’s maturation reconstruction required a minimum of tools and effort.

The interior of the nursery video

Room for a child (6-7 years)

The leading form of activity for children up to 7 years is a game. And that the game must be subordinated to the space child’s room. Of course, the child can not do without a comfortable bed, wardrobe, Desk and chair, however, the space should be free for free play.

At the age of 3 years old kid quite an ordinary child’s bed with high sides. Choosing furniture for kid, special attention should be paid to the naturalness used in the manufacture of materials. Don’t forget that kids are peculiar to all to try on the tooth, so painting the crib a paint containing harmful chemicals that might lead to allergies and food poisoning. In addition, the furniture should be safe – stable, without sharp edges and protruding bolts.

Older baby will need a new sleeping place. At this time, you can purchase a regular adult bed, which will last almost to sovershennoletija, and it is possible to build a loft bed. At the age of 4-7 years all children love to play “houses”, and a loft bed allows you to arrange for her a real house. In addition, the high bed can be arranged in the form of a ship or tent in which the kids will love to play. However, when buying such beds special attention to safety – steps should be comfortable and wide enough, desirable handrails for the ascent and descent. And especially – make the railing higher up or come up with something to protect the baby from accidental fall night! Waking up, the kids can “lost in space” and inadvertently kuvyrknutsya with height.

The room baby it is desirable to arrange in pastel colours – nervous system preschoolers highly excitable, so as the bright spots bright enough to use pillows, soft toys, other interior details. At the age of 3 years and older kids especially will appreciate the in-room interior with a picture of their favorite characters – so it’s time to create “fairyland” in a particular location.

Given the growing from year to year the number of children with allergies, pediatricians recommend to pay special attention to the restriction of the use of textiles in the design of the baby room instead of carpet with a thick pile better to use a small woven rug, and instead of heavy curtains of several layers – blinds. Yes and remove desegregating the room much easier, and in the first years of a child’s life it should be done Oh how often.

A significant role in establishing the nature of the child’s room is the lighting. In the child’s room it is advisable to place multiple options of lamps – ceiling, bright enough; table lamp – for the baby, which will draw or sculpt; bedside – for a cozy reading books before bedtime. A good idea to consider the availability of emergency lighting at night – many kids are afraid of the dark, and your own personal “Firefly” in the room will help them better cope with fear.

Room for student

In 6-7 years of age, Your little son or daughter abruptly changes his views on life – still, he is now almost an adult student after all! At the same time you have to change the interior of the room to match the owner – in the boy’s room is unlikely to be a place for cute bears… first of all, you have to equip the workplace for the student. This may be a misspelling for a first grader with a comfortable chair. Most likely, this Desk will last for the first couple years if you certainly not acquire the Desk-transformer with the same chair. Then depending on the child’s growth You will be able to modify the height of the Desk and its slope. It’s the same thing with a chair. This kit will last until middle and high school.

In principle, it is possible to establish immediately a stationary Desk, however, he must purchase a chair with adjustable height in order to provide proper seat at the table.

At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether there is enough available storage space for not only toys, but also school supplies and clothes. It is desirable to provide a convenient and comfortable system of storing things baby, so that he alone could keep them in order.

The child is still fond of the characters of the books or cartoons, is a Princess or a racer, because you’ll probably be glad of a bed in the form of racing cars or the Royal carriage. However, it is worth considering that at this age in Your home will increasingly receive Your child’s friends, and they need somewhere to sit down. The output can be bright colored pillows on which to sit. But if they are even allowed to throw – here you have a wonderful outlet for emotions!

Also required is the presence in the children’s room of the sports complex. Moreover, it will be useful and kids (from years), and adolescents. The development of agility, strength, and just the multi-axis space to play – it is always useful and fun. The only question in security. This will help you secure fastening of the complex (to the wall or in the form of spacers to the floor and ceiling), and also required the presence of mats. In addition, the sports complex could be a starting point for the design of a room in a nautical or pirate style.

Room for student photos

Click on the picture to enlarge

Room design for teenage

The interior of teen room should correspond to its interests. There may well be useful to posters with images of favorite actors, pop stars or athletes, newfangled materials and etc. by Creating a design teen room must be placed at the forefront of the tastes of the owner of the room, even if the choice you think is not quite acceptable.

It is likely that the furniture will have to change – wardrobe needed a bigger, deeper, the bed will have to periodically execute the function of the sofa, and on the Desk it’s time to place a personal computer.

The interior should be bright, fashionable and at the same time comfortable. Work at this age becomes the master, and now the arrangement of the workplace is becoming more important. The number of books and textbooks is growing, there are some collections, CDs, etc. For all this, you will have to find its place.

Teenagers often change their tastes, but because of yesterday’s bathroom in green tones can quickly pall. In this situation, we recommend You on the basis of neutral tones to create a bright interior with parts – textiles, accessories. Moreover, Poclain three neutral wall color, the fourth can pokleit Wallpaper for painting and at least every month to repaint in a new color.

And more… need to be concerned about soundproofing the room of a teenager – is unlikely neighbors will appreciate the creativity of your favorite band Your grown child.