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Sick child and pregnancy: what to choose?

I’m not well-versed in all of these situations. My answer to the question to leave or not – definitely not! But only on the condition that not one person has confirmed deviations.

It is really a torment, and not so much for parents as for children. Few people after this dare to give birth to a second. Yes, you can argue to me that you know a lot of cases, giving birth and normal. But nevertheless, these are isolated cases compared to the majority.

Rehabilitation costs a lot of work and funds, for the second time nor money will not remain in practice. And God forbid, if it does not require any specific care, and will be completely healthy. Do you know how many fathers leave families with sick children? And women bear this cross for myself. And well, if they have someone to help.

My situation is slightly different. Daughter was born at 26 AK. week, 900gr36cm. The cause of preterm birth was my unstable emotional state, body burden. The child was born fully formed, but because of the fragility was seriously injured in childbirth. The doctors immediately announced that it will be disabled, and on what system of the body is unclear. And asked me to sign a refusal. For me it was scary and crazy. I was 20 years old, the child is planned, desirable. My husband and I are healthy, worked, got IN, provided with housing. I wondered what I will do with my daughter if I refuse it. I honestly explained that they have no funding is provided for these children, and it will simply disconnect from the ventilator, I’ll write miscarriage fatal to the fetus. Of course, I disagreed. And for good reason. Girls, you can’t imagine what kind of torment. Not for me but for my daughter. She will be 9. She does not walk, does not talk, can only all day watching cartoons. We have done everything possible to put her on her feet, as long as the doctors we honestly did not say “don’t You see that the result is no more?”. I have only to watch her, to serve. If not me, then she doesn’t need anyone. It’d be stuck in a nursing home, where she most likely will die, because nobody will think that she has characteristics of the organism.

Now I’m waiting for the baby. I’m not scared. Because I know what I’d do anyway. Husband, this child is not needed because he believes that I want to have almost subservient to her daughter. This obviously will not. My child will have its own life, its own destiny. I just believe that when older daughter will come a time to leave this world, will bury her native people, and not thrown into a common grave without a name.

If the diagnosis is confirmed – do not hesitate! It’s not a life! It is a terrible suffering for all. Forgive me for cruelty, but better to have no children than children with disabilities. The burden for the family, society, etc.


Of course, I disagreed. And for good reason. Girls, you can’t imagine what kind of torment. Not for me but for my daughter. She will be 9. She does not walk, does not talk, can only all day watching cartoons.

But then again, you have a different situation. You are not on the mythical blood tests told about the ugliness, and the child was born sick. These are different things. I can understand when the decision on the termination of pregnancy is accepted on the basis of obvious pathology, but when under the influence “curve” of blood. it is very high risk of bias, which may end up the inability to get pregnant.

I hope the second baby you will be healthy. I then wrote above about a boy with congenital disorders. So his mother then gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl, a beautiful girl. Straites not be nervous, do not cheat yourself and believe in the best.