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Asya Wanakena, writer, blogger: I Love to play with myself and love to watch the children at play

A little background. Recently my eldest — Rose — was 6 years old. We invited the kids to visit and planned a small quest based on the “Legends of chima”. But alas, the day before the event revealed that the boy had contracted enterovirus. Rose upset — a holiday that he waited so long, had to cancel. I, as you know, upset that he was upset.

And just the day before my birthday I received the book the ASI Wanjinas “iceberg on the carpet, or what to play with the child?”. A collection of games ASI with her son Axes. Read and prosmatrivala (there are great pictures, very visual), and by the evening I already had a plan ready sea adventures of our family team. And what! With the battle fleet against the octopus, rescue animals from the ice, the Northern lights, building igloos out of snow(!) in the Northern seas and a happy arrival in South. In short, the holiday was saved, all the viruses out of spite.

Thumbing through “iceberg on the carpet”, I had mixed feelings of admiration and sadness. Admiration, because ideas games — awesome! Diverse, original, exciting. Read and wonder.

Sadness — because I’m a quarter of Asinou there is no fantasy in my games with the kids. And I decided to ask Asya how she manages to come up with all this, and most importantly, want to come up and want to play. Asya has agreed to an interview. If the interview had a smell, it would be very flavorful. And it was not quite as I thought)) are Divided into:

Asya, ideas games in Your books are amazing and originality, and diversity. How do they usually come? Osia starts something to be interested, asks questions, and at some point You come up with a game on this topic? As, for example, the idea of playing with bottle by mail? Or in the Tunguska meteorite?

When Jack was little, I was in graduate school, and every day for two hours went to University and back on the bike. And here on the way home I pedaled and I thought of something for us to do today with my boy. Because I had a lot to learn and to teach, I wanted the house to spend time with the child and not allow fatigue to beat me. Here and thoughts were different games — dinosaur eggs in the ice and swimming in a bathtub with a bunch of little balloons. Generally, Cycling is very motivating to think and invent.

And when Jack got older, many games we started to think together, and often they were the answer to his endless “why”. I remember one day, Jack became interested in the Dead sea, we first conducted experiments in salted and unsalted water, and then staged a salt works on a large baking sheet with 3 kg of wet salt and small construction machines.

Games in meteorites began after going to the planetarium, where Jack first saw and touched real meteorite. And the bottled message was inspired by the project of Julia Lugovskoy 365togetherfor which I was preparing the photos.

A lot of moms know that playing with the child, but do not like to do it. And either try to play “would”, or suffer the guilt. I sadly notice that every year becoming less ingenious games with children often participate in them on the machine. How do you think You get year after year to carry games with her son to the zone of “want” and not to the area of “need”? What’s the secret?

And I’m not, so there are no secrets. It was easy to play with three-year-old boy who was taken and delighted with my participation in the game. And now Jack is almost six-year-old man who clearly knows how and what he wants to play. And many of today’s game is the movement of soldiers and figurines from LEGO with only known him tasks and subjects. My participation is not necessary), and to me the most play is uninteresting. And what could be a game where one of the parties boring?

But the older Jack gets, the more we talk about various interesting events and trying to understand them in a game or experiment. For example, after we read about the shellfish that due to the change in acidity in the ocean lose their shells, we as a family watched the egg in vinegar and watched as his shell disappears.

And after talking about how mimicked different insects, “morphing” into sticks and flowers, we did a cardboard insects, decorated them with petals of these flowers, and then hid them from each other in the beds and tried to find.

When you read (and review) Your book, one gets the impression that games with Axes and prepare for them — Your main occupation (so many of them, and some require training). And actually like? How is Your usual day?

As I said before, most of Wasp life I was in graduate school and taught, so my weekdays consisted of two parts — a University and home. And I had so much to do at home to prepare for the workshops to come up with tasks for students that, actually, the co-op was only a small part of our day.

And now our life is arranged so that half of the day I do is work and different projects, and Osya in kindergarten, then we spend time together until the evening, and in the evening meet with his father and walk. We live in a small Italian town, where the evening is often something interesting happens, for example, the outdoor concerts in the square.

I love to walk with Axes, and especially love to walk somewhere interesting place. Since then, as Jack stopped sleeping during the day, we loved to drive somewhere for the day — so this little trip. When we lived in America, we are the Axes, when I had free from school days, went for a walk in Los Angeles, looked at, what do the people on the streets, dropped in parks, swaying there on the swing and read books, or traveling on the ocean, or to the Museum, met up with friends. There were so convenient, the bus had to drive with the bikes, and it was very nice. For me it was a break from studies, and for the Axis — the opportunity to look at the world around with her mother.

For games with my son are You ready to clean up the mess after them, spending on these products, use all sorts of everyday objects… these games are so valuable and important?

I just love to play myself and love to watch children in the game, for the work of their imagination, born from nowhere stories that children are ready to replay again and again. I also like to talk with my son about different interesting things during the game.

Maid’m never frightened, especially because the Jack itself is very tidy person, unlike my husband.

Asya, thank you very much for the interview! And huge — for the book! My children still can not stop: the ice MCPFE, web mastering, saving shipwrecked sailors.