The Education of children: parents ' responsibilities and the notion of education
  It is impossible to distinguish a single correct way of raising children – understanding of the process has changed throughout the development of civilization, and in each country, their…

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Divorce with a child of ten to fourteen years
  At the same time facing the two of semidentata; parent after divorce and child-teenager. You are after divorce don't want to be anyone but yourself and don't know who…

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What to do with the child during the summer?


Here’s the long-awaited summer vacation for our children and we are faced with the problem of what to do with them at such a serious time? Of course, the simplest solution of the matter will be sending children to summer camp, family trip to the coast or a cottage with her grandmother. And what about those who are forced to spend the summer in the city? Let’s think about how to diversify leisure of the child.

Sandbox . Walking need not only the child but also to ourselves. And in order to combine business with pleasure and allow yourself to read a book quietly, walking with a child, just take to the street with a bottle of water. Why? It’s very simple. First, the child sitting in the sandbox can pour water from the molds in the mold, adding the sand full of happiness. And when the water runs out, the sand in the sandbox will become wet and the child will be able to build houses, play in the middle of nowhere and molds. Stained – not terrible, can be washed, but the baby will be busy for some time.

Modeling . To sculpt from clay loved by all children. Put it on the child apron, cover the table with old paper, let the baby in the hands of clay, and special facilities for modeling: Board, plastic rojecki let him sculpts. Ideally, we want to give the child any job. For example, to represent your pet, or some fairy tale character. And then create an exhibition of his works of art. The child will be fascinated and you, hour, at least, will be able to do your household chores.

Drawing . All children are dreamers. Paint, brushes and paper for drawing can help children to open up and to realize their fantasies. And that this process was most enjoyable for your child, ask him to choose for himself a place for drawing, he may want to sit on the floor and take a huge sheet of drawing paper. Tired of paper – give old clothes you do not mind. Offer to decorate, for example, a t-shirt or a shirt at his discretion. The child will be happy. Fear that he will want to wear your design work? Then offer to leave this beauty for hot days at the cottage when you can sit in the tee shirt in the water trough, the pool, or on the waterfront and pouring water pictures on clothing to see how spread out the paint, forming the other drawings. You can certainly make things simpler and just give the child a coloring book and crayons. But if there will be stickers to stick on certain places – then silence in the house guaranteed.

Drawing, painting, making paper mache, folding puzzles, applique, modeling things out of clay – all these activities will help to captivate your toddler, and give you an hour or two a much needed, free, time.

Older children

All girls dream of becoming models walk on the catwalk. Give them the opportunity, without leaving home. Choose clothes, shoes, hats and accessories that you can give on hire from your wardrobe. Believe me, the child you will be immensely grateful and happy.

As a rule, each girl has dolls that have accumulated over the years, and now lie in a box, waiting in the wings. Encourage your daughter to play makeup artist. A storm of emotions will overwhelm your child. Though it will have to share your favorite makeup. And perhaps my daughter had a set lying around their children’s cosmetics.

Some of the children will, for once, did not offer help mom cook dinner. Let’s not lunch, but just pancakes. Show your child how to properly use a pan, Povarskoy and paddle for turning. And to make the process of cooking pancakes became the most attractive for the child, offer to pour the batter in the form of various figures. Just imagine how proud your child will be watching how mom and dad gladly eat pancakes-figures.

Boys can find something for everyone. Buy a few different designers, for example. Let every day he makes crafts out of plywood, collect cars or motorcycles. Purchase when you beloved vyzhigatelnym apparatus. And offer to create a photo album of their craft or just to decorate your room. Not forgetting that the boy is the future man, ask him to help you bring from the store bags of food, even if they are not very heavy. In the end, your son may well repaired old stool or update of the book, to drive the nail into the wall to hang his own paintings, which he was diligently making vyzhigatelnym apparatus. But if this is not enough, then you can offer a child to walk a course playing a musical instrument. Many guys, for example, my dream is to play guitar and become the soul of the company.

And many interesting things to offer to girls and boys on the street. Today let rides his bike or scooter, tomorrow will visit the skate Playground with friends, then whipping in football with his dad, play badminton, tennis or draw a picture of a real picture frame in chalk on the pavement.

Try to attract children to everything I do, accustom to help at home, provide physical assistance, ask for advice from your child, even if you long ago invented ourselves. Contact with children more often, be careful and kind to his children. Find sweet words for a child, use every opportunity to just hug and hold him to her, saying how much you are lucky that he was born and how much You love him. And then the child will reciprocate with kindness and understanding, and quietly retire to his room to prepare a gift for the mother, thereby enabling you to relax or go about your business.