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What you should be able to do the child in 3-4 months?


What can the child?

* child development, what can the child, the child’s development 4 metatarsal mom ( or someone who was always caring ) and prefers it to all the rest;

* hears the familiar voices of people and distinguishes them from strangers;

* displays glissando pronounces the first syllable;

* grabs a hanging toy one sludge simultaneously with both hands;

* picks up his name and responds to it;

* raises shoulders and head, lying on the back;

* responds differently to familiar and unfamiliar things;

* allocates a “favorite” and “least favorite” toys;

* when feeding plays with breast or bottle, supports her.

When the baby is 4 months old, the family life becomes more orderly and calm. Perhaps by this time the child care already for you to turn into the usual routine, although sometimes by the end of the day, the baby starts to act up. Children suffering in the first months of colic, at this age is more calm, and even restless kids allow moms and dads to sleep six hours straight ( though not always at night ).

With 4 months of tears and smiles of a child is not a reflex, but completely makes sense. Babies don’t just sleep or capricious – every action has an emotional subtext. So kids the only available way to Express complex feelings and their attitude towards others.

In the first three months of the baby’s mood depended on the accumulation of gases or desire to eat, and also from the desire to attract the attention of adults. Now, in four months, the rapid development of the brain ( and the corresponding improvement of the digestive and nervous systems ) allows the baby to take a keener interest in the world and the events of “adult” life.

At this age the child is able to experience fear, frustration, curiosity and joy. A stable emotional bond with loving parents or substitutes is a factor for the normal mental and psychological development of the child.

About 4 months the child has learned to associate your image with pleasant sensations and care, so don’t be surprised with the appearance of your lips baby stretched into a delighted smile.

The close emotional bond that has formed between you and baby indicates many signs: the baby smiles in response to your smile, begins to babble, when you come to him or Pat on the head, and doesn’t want you to go anywhere.

Funny sounds

In 4 months, most babies “just do not fall silent”, you only need to learn to understand them. For example, the baby often begins with attempts to pronounce the open vowels “a” and “about”. Typically, the first from the mouths of Babes fall uncertain “p” and “b”, and, of course, the favorite of the mother “m”, so you may seem, that the baby says “Mama”.

How can I know for sure that the child gradually learns language, if it still says not distinguishable words? And in this case, it is the relationship and emotional connection. It is not surprising that scientists say increased ability to learn foreign languages the children surrounding talked a lot in the period when the kids were 4-6 months.

Often talk with the child, tell him about the world and surrounding objects, and listen to what he speaks to you. It is not necessary to include the child language laboratory courses, audioskazki or take his educational toys; enough together looking at the pictures and talk about what you see, tell a little about their plans and the events of the day, to show interesting items when out on a walk.

Develop a child’s desire to imitate, especially speech. Listen goo goo baby: highlight favorite sound son or daughter and try to repeat it during the “monologue”. Join the “conversation” of the child, and after a while it starts to repeat the sound. Enter in your “conversations” new sounds ( you first need to take the vowels ).

Mastered coup

child development, what can the child, the child’s development 4 metazachlor to help your child learn ( or train ) to roll over on its side, place the side in a cot big bright toy. Move the toy away so the child had to reach for it. After several attempts the baby to reach for toys, slide it to him. Tie to the handle or stem of the little bell on the ribbon is very like a child, and will help you to feel your body.

At 4 months the child learns to arbitrarily seize toys; the movements become more clear and accurate. The baby arise “feelings”, he notices the appearance and disappearance of objects, their qualities ( e.g., gravity ), is able to relate various properties of objects ( optical, acoustic, etc. ).

The hand actions are of a more random nature, without deliberate conation. In infants begins to re-appear randomly pulling grasped the object with the subsequent feeling and contemplation: now pipsqueak examines the subject of lips and tongue, can throw it in a certain place, for example on the floor to trigger the sound.

With 4 months, the child can lie on his stomach, lifting his body and leaning on hands straightened arms. Under the palm of the baby, you can put the flat pads of foam rubber ( 1-1,5 Soi ). The pad need to pick up a set of covers of different color and texture of fabric ( flannel, silk, oil cloth, etc.). To the other side of the case it would be nice to sew flat buttons of different shapes.

Lying on his stomach and leaning on the forearm, the kid keeps his palm on the surface of the pads. Adult takes the child’s hand by the wrist and holds the palm of the baby on the surface of the pads, trying to cause a groping motion.

Useful exercises with ribbon and lace: when a baby lies on the back, adult puts him in a pen smooth ribbon, and then a drawstring with knots. Cautiously sipping at one end of the ribbon or lace, the adult encourages the child not only stronger grasp of the subject, but also to intercept it.

Offer the kid for grasping objects of various shapes ( soft toys, large cubes from the designer, rings of different diameter, etc.). Such exercises develop and fine motor skills, and touch.

Games-nursery rhymes

child development, what can the child, the child’s development 4 masalama put the baby on the pillow, rhythmically throws, and then throws or rolls down:

* Carcasses-carcasses and sat down on the pillow,

* Girlfriends came,

* Was pushed to the seat.

* Will raise your daughter ( son ) on a steep hill.

* Thud! Rolled, fell from a hill.

The child lies on his back, mom first flexes his legs, drives and throws up his pen:

* Legs-toptyzhki went to thresh,

Bent legs can lead to tummy, flip over: