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First own room child


As said by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, all adults were once children but only few people remember it. When designing a kid’s room, remember what you were and what you wanted. And no matter how decorated your apartment in a modern style or a classic. The kid’s room should be a special place, no frills and stylistic frills. Because it would be his little world in which he and only he should be as comfortable as possible.

And let everyone believe that “blue is for boys, pink is for girls,” it is not necessary to follow such a stereotypical solutions.There are many colors that are well suited for creating a child’s room. Choosing colors for a more adult child, psychologists and designers are advised to follow the toddler temperament: energetic and active child will suit a bright, bold tones, for a calm pastel. It is possible, incidentally, to do and Vice versa – then the colors will help you adjust the character of the child. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of flowers: their should not be much.

The walls and ceiling it is advisable to paint in light, soothing colors that will not adversely impact on the vision of the child, and the furniture and toys may be vivid and eye-catching. By the way, the ceiling does not have to be white. You can use blending in with the Wallpaper light shades, decorating them, for example, phosphoric stars. But the floor is better to paint in darker shades. This will give the child a sense of stability, and it will not be lost in space.

In poorly lit, cold room, it is advisable to use warm colors, and Sunny and hot, on the contrary, cold and fresh. Curtains choose dense, but not heavy. This is especially important if the bathroom is located on the East side that the baby was able to sleep longer in the morning, and giving the rest to you.

It is known that color affects the mood:

Blue depressing.

Yellow improves mood, increases mental and physical activity.

Red stimulates the activity, and gives confidence.

Blue color increases efficiency and improves mood.

Green soothes, relaxes.

Orange – stimulates creativity.

White puts pressure on the psyche and causes depression.

Turquoise (green-blue) is perfect for the nursery.

As they Mature, the baby will appear more and more toys, and they need somewhere to put. Toys are awkward to store in a deep drawer, as the child will be constantly this box to flip to find the right toy and play it. Besides, dumped in a box on the pile of broken toys. Convenient low cabinets and drawers, so that the boy could reach the top shelves.

Well, if the Cabinet has open shelves (for large toys and a small slide out drawers or boxes (for constructors, dice and other small things). In the locker should not have sharp corners, and drawers should be easy to move and have a lock to prevent loss.

First you have to constantly clean up after the baby toys. Preferably, always in the same spot, the child accustomed to a certain order of things.

In 2-2. 5 years children are actively repeat for adults. You can use this feature in order to begin to teach your child to order his toy farm. That is, to remove the toys with your child.

Remember that the child needs a lot of space. Do not overload the room with furniture, and especially different decor. After all, the kid needed a place to run around, play pranks and he should not be afraid to break something. The child, in principle, do not need much: a bed, table, Cabinet. This set should be limited in children.

In addition, designers are advised to divide the nursery into zones. The part where the baby sleeps should be fenced off from the game. This can be done by using different Wallpapers: more calm colors – in the area of sleep and more vivid – in the recreation area. Also a play area you can use the center of the room, freeing as much as possible.

Don’t forget: in my room the child should be the sole master. Especially, he should not feel the restrictions of expression. So the Wallpaper is better to buy washable. Because children love to draw on them! And if you are not going often stick or repaint the room, from floor to mid-wall to pin the sheets of paper that are easy to change if necessary. Then your baby will be able to create their masterpieces, and you will be quiet for.

Area children of primary school age.

Children at this age, in addition to practice, you also need to have a place to play and store toys. One of the best options – transforming furniture. In one day children can turn into a cozy house, a puppet theater, store, boat, tent or cave where he lives “is a fabulous giant”, and a lot of other things depending on the mood of the child. Modifications are possible with the growth of the baby. This “transformer” will save not only space, but also a lot of money and possibly will last your child as long as he himself will not be able to buy their own furniture. “Cascades” multi-level modules, niches and voids in them makes the room more interesting and, as if invited to play. Such a situation has to communicate with their peers, coming to visit, and, of course, with parents. The child learns to create his own world, without fear that it will be arranged to blame for the mess, and subsequently the child easier socially to adapt to adult life.

A good solution would be the construction of a sports area, if space permits in your apartment.

Some parents, in an effort to realize the unfulfilled dreams of the past, trying to “conserve” the childhood of their children and create a room that is not able to develop and Mature along with the little master. The nursery does not need to be too entertaining revived hateful book illustration with painted walls and fantastic lighting. The more specific “magic”, the less developed your own child’s imagination. Children should not and strictly regulate the child’s behavior or suppress his sterile “rightness” and rationality. The kid in his room needs at least a certain amount of unpredictability, variability, games. True, it usually is in conflict with the requirements of cleanliness and order. But it’s important to find a balance between necessity and freedom, between rules and agreements. Bringing up a habit that you don’t force the child your skills and your value system. No need to discuss whether some old wheels or an old doll, a coil of wire or unintelligible scraps. Let all these childish values will be the place — beautiful boxes, shelves, drawers.

Not all children have their own children’s room. Then the parents try their best to create conditions for the feeling of “my room” in the common room. This can be done with the help of the podium, about 50-60 cm tall. It can be partially hollow, and he can push boxes of toys or tools, training and sports equipment. The lower zone in this case will become the “play area”.

Effective solution for “personal zone” is a loft bed. If you close the space under the screen or canopy, you get a private “house”. As for storage of toys and books use a hanging shelf or Cabinet.

Creating the interior of the child, give the child the opportunity to take the initiative and own flavor. Great joy can give to the child not only the selection of furniture, but also build it with him. Equipping the nursery, it is advisable to listen to the child, because it will allow the baby to feel their independence and confidence adult. So the little man will feel like in the life of the owner, not the guest and believe that this world is his.

Choose together the furniture, the curtains, the Wallpaper. The earlier a child learns to understand their own preferences, to justify their choice and to compromise, the easier it will be his path to adulthood.

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